Mar. 5th, 2012

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I've signed up for a 3-day training as a street medic. It is similar to wilderness first aid training with Red Cross, but includes special topics like injuries caused by our own government representatives. Who could've guessed that peaceful Americans would need to learn about weapon injuries from "less lethal" weapons fired at us by our own police forces?  Interesting times have arrived.

"less lethal" weapon injuriesThe street medic class includes familiar topics like "head/neck injuries, illnesses/allergic reactions, heat and cold concerns, chemical burns", so it will also serve as a useful all-around training for emergencies.

Most of the media has wrongly assumed the the Occupation has declined to irrelevance like the Tea Party before it. Some people have noticed otherwise. I still intend to get involved again, although I'm not sure yet how I will contribute to the peaceful protests.

I'm still waiting for my energy level to pick up, since that barrier is the major restriction to my involvements. I'm disappointed that B12 and multivitamin pills haven't yet made any difference since eliminating the decade-long intestinal infection. The muscle cramps and twitches haven't ended either, so it might still be a very slowly progressing multiple sclerosis.

release the houndsRegardless, I'm still determined to do something to help out, since the plutocracy will not change on its own.  Even if the Occupation movement is 100% peaceful (which I support), I expect the establishment will grow increasingly violent in response when intimidation and legal wrangling fail to deter protests.

All that frustration will pile on top of worries about both high-priced gasoline (its contribution to the price of everything else) and a high-profile election year.  I expect changes to begin this year.  I intend to be at least slightly better than "totally unprepared" for them.  I will soon know some simple first aid.  I already have my useful bicycle.  I already have some large rutabaga roots sitting in the garden dirt.  I'm confident that I can endure any short-term problems.


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