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I slept in a body bag last night. It was very warm. You should always keep some part of it unzipped for ventilation.
  • The strong wind did not sap my warmth as it would have with just a sleeping bag.
  • The thick plastic added even more insulation against the cold.
  • The thick plastic will endure gentle use for many months, lasting through the long Minnesota winter.
  • Any precipitation can be easily avoided by placing an umbrella (or a garbage bag) over the opening.
Please share this discovery with other Occupiers that you know! It's probably the warmest outdoor experience I've had since sleeping overnight at the local Occupation in Minneapolis during the last month.  A tent would be better, but we are still prohibited from having tents here.

sleeping bag inside body bagposter by my body bag

Body bags are expensive.  I ordered online for my body bag at about $26 + $10 shipping (+$10 more for 2-day rush).  If any morgues, funeral homes, or medical examiners have samples or extra stock to donate, then I'm sure your local occupation could put the body bags to use during this winter season.

There will be an issue with moisture accumulation (from respiration and perspiration), so always keep a portion unzippered for ventilation.  I had my traditional (hiking) sleeping bag and mattress inside the body bag.  Each morning, you may still need to air out your sleeping bag and body bag to remove the extra moisture.  I only had one officer come to knock on the bag (poke it with his foot) to make sure a living person was inside.  Hopefully that sleep interruption will disappear as they become familiar with seeing my body bag on site at night.

#occupyWINTER , #occupyMINNEAPOLIS , and occupy everywhere.  :)


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