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Life is unplanned. I have experienced unique events and learned unanticipated lessons during my Occupation of Minneapolis. I joined the Sanitation committee the weekend before this Occupation began on October 7th.

OccupottiesI have camped in the city.

I learned that fresh water and reliable toilets are the first necessity for any human habitation.

I learned that after 2 centuries, our government has made no provision for these necessities amongst the disenfranchised homeless.

I learned that some people will destroy these valuable resources just to satisfy their own whims, disregarding all consequences.

I learned that Minneapolis city and Hennepin county will actively evict people from sheltered underpasses into unsheltered areas.

Minneapolis towersI have slept amongst the skyscrapers.

I learned that Minneapolis government actively prohibits suspended tarps or tents at any location, including government plazas and private back yards.

I learned that sleep deprivation can account for the dazed and confused look among the homeless, without needing to conjure the phantoms of alcoholism or drug abuse.

I learned that two rabbits Occupied the Hennepin County government plaza before I arrived. They survive on grass and human trash amidst the landscape of concrete and asphalt.

I learned that some poor bird will slam into glass windows about once per week then fall upon the steps of the Hennepin county building to die.  I mourn them, bag them, and throw their corpses into the trash.

body bagI have slept in a body bag.

I learned that wind saps warmth and strength beyond what cold itself can do alone.

I learned that moisture from breath and perspiration is itself a dangerous element needing attention in any winter survival strategy.

I learned that I am more creative than my government, and I can benefit from my own ingenuity when government fails to serve the needs of its citizens.

I learned that political protest can take many forms.

Circle DanceI have danced with native Americans. (video here)

I learned that they begin with the basics, the four directions of the compass, just as the pagans do.

I learned that heterosexual life includes a lot more continuity between generations than homosexual life.

I learned that when multiple systems fail and the entire local environment is polluted with bad ideas and chemicals, the best choice may be to simply start over with a new paradigm in a new place.

Federal Reserve Bank monumentI have protested at the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis.

I learned that they honor growth by erecting monuments to its name.

I learned that few people understand how money is created in America, that perpetual growth is required or else the system collapses.

I learned that when you find time to educate them, they agree that perpetual growth of debt is a root problem that needs to be removed.

I occupy.

I'm tired, I'm sore, I'm frustrated, I occupy alone in the small crowd, and I continue to work a part-time job.

I occupy nevertheless because the global crisis is already underway, and deep change is needed in our civilization.  I don't know how else to promote such change, so I occupy.

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