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left leg 2013.04.30I'm still on crutches. I injured myself on 3/23, so it's been about 6 weeks now.

The anti-coagulant medications have definitely helped with the pain.  If I don't use my left leg, the pain is gone altogether.  When I use my leg, though, it's immediately obvious that the circulation in my leg still isn't normal yet.  You can see it in this photo that I took at 9pm last night.

The calf and foot are still swollen, and the coloration is still just slightly off in my left foot.  When I suddenly go upright, I feel sharp pains throughout my lower leg.  Similar sensations follow (with bonus pains) when I try to support my weight on it.

I'm beginning to wonder if the circulation was permanently damaged by the blood clot.  I'll hold out hope for another week or two.  Meanwhile, medical bills are starting to roll in.  I paid off 3 of them today and made a small payment to my landlord for the loan to buy prescription injections.  The really big bill is still looming, though.  I expect it to arrive soon.

I've asked my boss if I can work 5 hours per day instead of 4 hours.  That's a 25% increase in costs to my employer, so I'm not sure if they'll accept that change.  I'm not thrilled (where my mental health is concerned) about the change either.  I can easily take additional stress for a few weeks or months, but permanent stress is a bad thing.  We'll see how this change works out, if it's approved.

genetic resultsAt least my Minnesota Care coverage is approved.  I made an online payment yesterday morning, so in theory my coverage should begin today since it's the 1st day of the month.  Monthly costs have more than doubled since I was last insured by them, but this taxpayer-subsidized coverage is still cheaper than buying insurance elsewhere.  Unfortunately, they do not help with any payment of previous medical bills.  The hospital basically lied to me by saying that MN Care would help for up to 90 days previous.

My mother says that I don't have a family history of blood clot issues, which is good.  My genetic testing (done years ago) also shows little genetic influence, only a very slight increased predisposition for venous thromboembolism.  Newer tests might show different results.  I'm sure that new genetic markers have been found since then, markers that my old test never checked.  Hopefully, though, I won't need to stay on my cheap anti-coagulant medication for the rest of my life.

One day at a time, I guess.  And would you believe that we have snow forecast for tomorrow morning?  Crutches make navigation fun and exciting!


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