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car side viewI have a vehicle! I filed the title transfer at the local county office on Tuesday morning.  I made the purchase solely with funds from my parents, but I'm glad to take whatever help I can get so I can return to just one crisis at a time.

I bought a 2001 Toyota Corolla "LE" 4-door sedan with 94,100 miles. The age wasn't great, but the low mileage seemed to make up for it. It also helped that the Kelley Blue Book website rated this car highly. I think I only saw Hondas with higher ratings.

car interior viewThe interior and exterior conditions are both nice. I saw a few spots where rust damage usually appears, and they were repainted. Even so, it is still in better condition than most cars in Minnesota after a decade of salty air (from cars spraying salted slush everywhere during winter).

The engine idles so smoothly that I've wondered more than once while waiting at a stop light if the engine had died. No, it's just that quiet. The usual local mechanic looked it over, and he found only one cheap issue to fix. I had that work done plus some regular maintenance sorts of things. I think I trust this vehicle for reliable transportation for a while. Now I can move on to dealing with the previous crisis of this blood clot that still hasn't gone away.

Oh, and one quick story. I had the car windows down recently, and the wind blew a receipt from underneath the passenger seat. I picked it up and looked at it. Somebody paid $12.84 last October at a local Halloween store for a "V for Vendetta" mask. I don't remember seeing this guy at Occupy Minnesota while I was there, but cheers for #OccupyWallStreet too! *laugh*

I am easily amused.
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