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I finished my first week at Dell Compellent.  Like most jobs (or at least technology jobs), new employees face a veritable tidal wave of information to learn.  I think I did okay, though.  The product is certainly interesting, and I'm getting to see both the hardware and software needed to set it up.  I cabled my first system and configured it so that that someone else on my team was able to establish a virtual hard drive on it.  Not bad for a first week, I hope.

The bad part of this job, though, has nothing to do with Dell.  It's the commute.  I drove out there this morning while there was no traffic to interfere, and it took me 27 minutes to get from one parking spot to the next.  Not a terrible drive.  Unfortunately, the rush hour commute is a very different experience.  I average less than an hour on the morning trip and more than an hour on the afternoon trip.  I really don't want to spend 2 hours per day on commute, since that means living in my car for 10 hours a week.  That's bad enough, but the stressful driving makes the overall experience even worse.

Dell is flexible with start times.  They asked me to show up on my first day at 9am, but I experimented with moving my start time earlier in the morning as the week progressed.  The hassle is getting slightly better with an 8am start time.  I'll aim for arriving at 7:30am on Monday to measure that commute time.  If it doesn't offer a big payoff, then I'll probably just settle for 8am.

Meanwhile, I used the time this morning while I was in the area to scope around for cheap housing.  I don't know that there's such a thing as cheap housing anywhere in the Twin Cities, but I did make one interesting find.  A decade ago or more, back when I was still a programmer, I pondered buying a home.  I went by this house several times before I decided to spend my money buying a new car instead.  A "For Sale" sign caught my eye while driving around today, and I was surprised to recognize that house.  I'm wishing now that I had bought it... or that I had $130K laying around somewhere to throw at it now.  It's only 5.5 miles from my new workplace, and I wouldn't even have to drive onto a busy highway to get there.

I'll probably end up calling the small apartment complexes that I saw in that area to see what prices are like.  I still don't have my first paycheck from Dell yet, so I'm not sure what net income I have available to use for housing each month.  I realize that I'm still thinking like a poor person, since I spent half a decade at a non-profit and exhausted my already meager savings.  It may be nice for things to change finally.


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