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mellowtigger ([personal profile] mellowtigger) wrote2017-04-12 07:25 am
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I'll get back to making regular posts eventually.  I had a 2nd illness that sort of "reset the clock" on my coughing, so I haven't been feeling as energetic and involved as usual.  This morning, though, I wanted to report a dream that I remembered upon waking.  It's been a long while.

I was out camping.  Three of us were walking back from some event (I don't know what) to our tent in the woods.  I recognize one of the guys, but the other was a stranger to me.  Our tent was strangely cube-like with straight upward walls instead of sloping ones from the way a tent usually hangs.  What was more strange, however, were the car lights.

Our tent was located right next to a gas station, so car headlights were shining repeatedly into the tent all night.  There was no sense at all of remoteness, isolation, or solitude.  Very strange.