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I'm sure I mentioned that I'm tired of being tired.   I crawled into bed by 7pm tonight and fell asleep.

Unfortunately, the young cat had found styrofoam peanuts in the house during the day and brought at least one into the bedroom.  The older cat found it at 10:05pm and started chasing it all over the bed and me, waking me up.  I watched some tv and went back to bed.  Now, twitches are keeping me awake.  Mostly it's a hyperactive muscle fiber high on my right buttock, but there's also the occasional twitch in my left hamstring and right tricep.

Better days, 2014.  These are supposed to be better days.
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I don't wear tech.  I don't wear jewelry.  I don't particularly like even wearing clothes. But here's an idea for technology that I would definitely wear.  The good news is that much of it is already here.  We just need to mix them together and add a small dash of future-tech.

Here are the parts that already exist in our world.  We have smart watches and google Glass, wide screen display for the forearm, the Coin multicard, and the Angel sensor bracelet.

iWatch and googleGlass smartphone in prosthetic arm
coin card Angel sensor bracelet

Here's how to mix them together.  Instead of a prosthetic forearm, make a "gauntlet" that straps a credit-card-sized device to the arm.  The credit card comes with a metallic rim that clicks into place onto the base unit's magnets, so it is easy to return to its home location.

While the card is removed from its gauntlet, it becomes an emulator for any and all credit cards or other identification (keep your library card, your driver's license, your pet food discount card, etc.) all in one device.  The front face of the card is entirely a screen display, so it can appear as any card.

While the device is attached to the gauntlet, it becomes your watch, your calendar, your RSS newsfeed ticker.  It also tracks your heart rate, oxygen level, temperature, and galvanic stress.  The whole credit card face is a display, so you have more space available than just a smart watch.

Remember that metallic rim on the device?  The google Glass easily spots it and reacts to what is displayed on the interface within the rim's border.  The newsfeed says you received a new email?  If Glass says your eyeball is focused on that news item, then Glass pops up a display showing the full text of the email.  If you are looking at the clock icon, then Glass displays your calendar.

I want it.  I would wear it.  I want my Gauntlet-and-Glass combo.  For now, I'm settling for an Angel and a Coin.  I already contributed to their crowdfunding campaigns while they were active.  I look forward to receiving these new tech items in the coming months.  Google, your job is to work on that eye-scanning technology and integrate with an all-in-one gauntlet.  I'm waiting.
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Insomnia.  Again.  I might as well push an idea out of my head and into the digital aether.

Is there a way to convert unwanted heat into coherent light?  Is there a way to reflect that laser light without loss?  If so, then I want underground vacuum tubes connecting equatorial regions with higher latitudes.  Use "waste" heat from one region by shipping it to another part of the planet where it could be put to good use.  Just beam the laser light through underground vacuum conduits to where heat is needed.

Alternatively, "store" the energy by building tubes that reflect the light, perpetually bouncing it from one end of the tube to the other.  In this way, you could build up "light year" (or, more specifically, one-half light year) chambers that would keep that laser light traveling for six months until cold weather has arrived in your local environment.

It seems hugely wasteful to generate heat during Minnesota winters while excess heat annoys people in other regions of the world.  I wonder if reducing temperature differences between latitudes might even reduce extreme weather events.  It's not like we have to worry about melting polar ice caps by bringing warmth to their environment.  That proverbial ship has already sailed.
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While I'm thinking of it (and websurfing during insomnia), are any locals planning to attend the bear night at the drive-in theater?

I've already asked a person or two, but they aren't going. I'd like to bum a ride from somebody if they're making the trip. :) I've driven on my own in years past (bear event or just to go out by myself), but I'm without a car this summer while I commute by bicycle instead.  I could theoretically bicycle out there, but I really don't want to bicycle back after dark.
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It seems to be happening a lot this year.  Very annoying.  It's been a peaceful night with few muscle twitches, at least.

It doesn't help that T'Reese comes at 4am and bats my face with zheir front paws to wake me up for food delivery.  I was already awake, though.

I'm creating a new livejournal tag for "insomnia".  *sigh*  I suppose I should go back to find my previous posts and update the tags there.
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I lay in bed for a few hours without falling asleep.  I'm wondering now if I won't be getting any sleep at all.  It'll be dawn soon.

Annoying.  I won't be at my most attentive when I go out to the live music tonight at Wilde Roast Cafe.  :(

So I logged in and worked remotely for about 40 minutes.  I installed various program updates on about a dozen machines.

Insomnia, yuck.
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Insomnia. The usual, I suppose. I tried whiskey earlier, but it isn't helping.

Future has been complicated, so lately I've looked to the past instead. Google is grand.

Found "the one" again, who seems blissfully happy. (The bastard. *laugh*) Or at least busy. It helps that I don't entirely approve of what/where zhey's found to do with zheir life, although I did warn zhem about such choices a lifetime ago. This might be a first. I don't think I've written about or mentioned publicly that guy in nearly 20 years. There's some pondering to do on a non-tipsy night.

Found "the ex" for the first time in 12+ years. Zhey moved out of zheir original house to a nearby city.  Zheir father died 3 years ago, which is too bad.  (The father seemed old even when I met zhem, but zhey seemed like a decent man back then.)  I still have a few books that belonged to my ex. I should probably try to let them go too.

Might have found "the long-term ex".  I located one link that said someone by zheir name (with some home city names that I recognized) died back in 2002.  That's possible, although I couldn't find a photo or address on the webpage that would help me confirm.  Zhey got zheir AIDS diagnosis during our 2nd month together (of 18 total months).  That was back in 1996 or so?  Hard to remember such details.  It annoys me a whole lot when I read Minnesota headlines in recent days that the young gay guys here are back to 1986 HIV rates again.  I got through the epidemic while staying HIV-negative, even dating a man with AIDS.  There's no excuse for going backwards to such problems again.

Two others I already know about and communicate online.  I didn't need to search for "the one I came out for".  I visited that gravestone back when I was still a teenager.

Future always seems easier to navigate when there isn't past to carry along.  It's impossible to make all of the parts fit neatly.  Life is jagged.


Feb. 24th, 2010 05:52 am
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Stressful day at work and on the roadways.  I went to buy beer to help me get to sleep.  It worked, but only for about 4.5 hours.  *sigh*

The usual.  Twitches.  Sensations.  Nearly a muscle cramp, this time in the arch of my right foot.  I rearranged my legs and avoided a full cramp.

An hour passed without a hint of sleep, so I figured I might as well document a partial dream from a few nights ago.  Not a full dream, just a snippet.  It featured my ex and included a sexual yearning.  In the dream, though, we sort of passed by each other and didn't really notice or focus on each other.  Operating at different wavelengths.

The usual, in other words.

I go in for additional testing on Friday morning.  Two more days.  *twiddle*
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The process was very fast and uneventful.  That's good, since I only got 4.5 hours of sleep last night.  I go to see the neurologist on Tuesday morning next week.

I wore my purple Zubaz and an Animal Humane Society t-shirt.  I took off my glasses and my shoes.  They gave me ear protectors (against the loud noise) that had a local radio station piped in so I could listen while I waited.  I had to keep my eyes closed the whole time, and they told me to not wiggle even my feet during the procedure.  There was no injection of any enhancing chemicals.

There was much clicking and humming and thumping.  The last minute was so obnoxious that the roller-bed was shaking from the force of the machinery.  A few of the scans gave me a sensation of slightly brighter ambient lighting, but I resisted the curiosity to open my eyes and check directly.  They gave me a cd of all the images after they were done.  (I asked for a copy.)  It's been an hour since the procedure and I have no headaches or dizziness or nausea. 

They took 129 images.  Here are 6 that I like.  I've expanded their sizes to make them easier to view here.
Click to see the photos... )
That's my brain.  :)


Oct. 1st, 2009 09:04 am
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Yesterday morning, frost appeared on rooftops.  Not a hard freeze, but enough for ice to show up before the sun warmed the surface.

This morning, I slept 12 hours.  I would have slept longer, but the work pager finally woke me up.  Life has been hectic and tiring at work, and I've been unable to sleep properly.  I needed to catch up on rest.
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Ugh, insomnia. On good weeks, I'm asleep before my head hits the pillow. Other weeks, it's just exhaustion without the respite of unconsciousness. It would be convenient if brains came with OFF switches.  Between work and politics and other issues, my brain has too much to ponder these days.  I almost let October slip by without a music post. I need something light-hearted to think about.

I think it's time to "Sing", perhaps singing along with the Dresden Dolls. (not safe for work during the last 30 seconds)

There is this thing that's like touching except you don't touch
Back in the day it just went without saying at all
All the world's history gradually dying of shock
There is thing that's like talking except you don't talk
You sing

Or, if you prefer old school, then "Sing" with Karen Carpenter and children at the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan.

I do try to keep some of my idiosyncrasies private, but I'm pretty sure that I weirded someone out this summer when I rode near them (not seeing them early enough to quit while outside of hearing range) while I was doing the Sesame Street "Sing" song from the Carpenters.  Crazy people ride bicycles too, you know.  :)


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