Jul. 17th, 2010 06:17 am
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The skies were clear on the bitterly cold Minnesota winter day.  I heard wolves howl nearby, even though I was in the city.  The temperature was far below zero, so I hurried as I walked from the street towards the gate that would lead me to the back yard.  I saw a lone wolf standing still in the neighbor's yard, watching me intently.

I knew it was a sign of trouble, so I backed quickly against the fence.  I wanted to defend myself from one side only, rather than being vulnerable from all around.  Another wolf appeared on my right, though, as I reached the fence.  The attack began quickly.  I used fists to punch the animals that approached.  There were more than just the two of them now.

One of them bit the sleeve on my right arm and pulled, spinning me around to face it.  Another wolf lunged from behind and bit into me on my right shoulder.  I felt its teeth begin to tear my muscle apart.  The pain of it woke me up...

The pain instantly disappeared.  In its place, though, I felt an unusually rapid and strong muscle spasm that twitched above my right shoulder blade.  I shifted my weight as I laid on my back, and the twitch immediately ended.  I laid awake a while longer, feeling other minor twitches throughout my back.  The big one was over, though, so I eventually fell back to sleep.
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