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Strange. I may exceed my quota of the year for dreaming. The cast this time includes two characters from real life. Bear Coffee is held at a cafe where Steve works.  I helped someone in Minneapolis plant a garden this year, and Jake is the jack russell terrier who also lives there.

*fade to dreamscape*

Steve owns a mansion with a very large yard. I, possibly trying to curry attention, agree to plant a garden there. It's a very large yard. I dig up many areas to prepare them for planting. Time passes.

Steve and I talk again. I realize that I mistakenly thought I was finished with the garden previously. In fact, I didn't plant anything at all.  Lots of young plants are sitting all around the yard, waiting to be put into the ground. There are lots of decorative plants, very unlike my usual habit to plant edible things. There are some roses, and there are lots of cannas with flowers from every color of the spectrum. Steve has been watering them, thinking that I would arrive "soon" to finish the job. Oops. Much embarrassment on my part. I've been more scatterbrained than usual, mistaking my work so completely.

I try to arrange a good time to complete the gardening. Steve's roommates are the only barrier. One of them has a pet dog, Jake. I should arrive late enough on any day that I don't wake Jake, who barks incessantly and will wake and annoy everyone. Okay, I plan to visit on the coming weekend during the late morning.

I arrive to find no one outside to let me into the garden shed to get the tools. I know where the key is kept inside the house. I go quietly inside the mansion and wander it's spacious rooms to get the key. Everyone is still asleep. I'm almost back outdoors when Jake hears me and scrambles down hallways to chase after me. I get the screen door closed, but Jake bursts through the metal mesh. Jake runs circles all around the back yard, barking loudly.

The dream ends with dream-me feeling doubly disappointed. I failed to work the garden as I had promised, and I failed to work quietly enough to escape Jake's notice. The attention I've earned is the wrong kind.
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