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Aug. 28th, 2010 09:51 am
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Jose in my lapIf I were able to make plans for a domestic future, I think I would be using this time to find another cat. T'Reese is old, and it would be good for me to find "backup support" for myself during the inevitable loss of my longest companion. Not knowing my current condition or projected future, though, leaves me hesitant to make any long term commitment to any plan.

Still, life is not without its temptations.

Jose tempting meI found a wonderful lap cat at work this week. I should have already placed an "employee hold" on this animal so I could begin adoption paperwork and preparations at home.

Jose has dark orange eyes that just captivate me. Soft fur, tolerant of petting, growing tolerance of the other cats in the group room, instinct for laying down in my lap... I should be taking Jose home with me already.

Jose also seems to enjoy tilting backwards to look up at me, tempting me to lower my face to scratch my fuzzy chin against Jose's furry forehead.  We've already repeated this silly ritual many times this week.  Jose purrs very softly against my jaw as my reward for following the obvious protocol.

I hope Jose gets adopted this weekend, so the temptation isn't there on Monday.
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