Sep. 6th, 2011

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full gardenI realized that I hadn't posted any good photos of this year's garden crop, so I snapped a few pictures during the Labor Day holiday this year.

I've been tired on weekends after bicycling to work all week, so I haven't done much gardening this year (again).  After finally pulling all of the overgrown grass two weeks ago, it's starting to look like a garden patch again.

I've already harvested a few small things for meals.  I've eaten strawberries, tomatoes, lime-basil, carrot, celery, dill, and oregano.  I'm waiting for the rutabaga to seed out before I pull those huge roots out of the ground.  They're hard to cut, but they cook up soft like potatoes.  I have no idea what to do with the salsify.

I've started work on moving the patio a small bit.  I need to pull up the bricks anyway to smooth out the sand again.  It shifted a bit during the winter, as I expected.  I've already done the hard part of cracking a corner piece of cinder block and moving the cinder block wall.  Now I just need to move the bricks, smooth out the sand, and lay the bricks back in place again.

carrot, asparagus, and bok choicelery and salsify

Left photo above: carrots, asparagus, and bok choi
Right photo above: celery (background) and salsify (long leaf blades in foreground)

peppermint, lime-basil, and broccolirutabaga

Left photo above: peppermint (left), lime-basil (left background), and broccoli in bloom (right background)
Right photo above: rutabaga, about the size of coconuts

I added slices of carrot to my homemade pizza yesterday, and it was actually pretty good as a topping.  I think it would be even better if the carrot were marinated with jalapenos first.


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