Apr. 19th, 2012

I want out

Apr. 19th, 2012 02:47 am
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I said before, "I hope, when the time comes, that I have the presence of mind to escape." That time has come.

Feeling trapped in a crowd of dangerous people is a stressful condition. I guess I can excuse myself for feeling so out of sorts lately. I've increasingly lacked energy and motivation in recent months. I assumed it was just vitamin B12 problems, but now I'm wondering if persistent pessimism is taking its toll on me. I keep seeing bad (very bad) trends everywhere I look, and I feel dread, and I want escape.

Stone Soup

My government wants to keep u
p appearances rather than fix actual problems:

In West Saint Paul, about 20 miles southeast of where I live, economic conditions are so bad that some people are using laundry detergent as an alternate form of money. Other people throughout the USA are doing the same. Infrastructure cannibalization continues in Saint Paul as thieves stole $10,000 worth of copper tubing from a water pump station last summer and $2,500 worth of copper electrical wiring from Christmas lights last winter.

The Minneapolis 4th Ward is where I commute (by car or bicycle) between work and home. This area has a bad reputation locally. The 4th Ward, for instance, is where a good samaritan was killed last week for his bicycle while he was riding it to carry food to a neighbor. It's also where the tornado last summer did its worst damage to local homes.

Barbara Johnson represents the 4th Ward on the Minneapolis city council. It would be nice if she were concerned about the problems of the poor and needy, but she's actively working against them. She submitted a resolution to outlaw sleeping on public plazas. It's obviously aimed at inhibiting the Occupy protest. It's predictable that the proposal comes from Barbara Johnson, though, since she previously worked to ban outdoor couches while urging, "Our city can either look good or it can look tacky, and tacky is not what we want." Similarly, Minneapolis prohibits tents anywhere, whether on public or private property.

Nationally, Republicans are trying to cut food aid, even as record numbers of American citizens rely on it for meals. It seems that government is unwilling to address the problems of homelessness and poverty in any reasonable way.

My government wants to keep a well-armed domestic military:

Yes, I wrote "domestic". A company in Anoka, about 15 miles northwest of where I live, has recently secured a contract with the Department Of Homeland Security for 450 million rounds of ammunition. Another company has a separate contract for 200 million rounds. The USA population is only 313 million people, so that's enough ammunition to kill every man, woman, and child in America... twice. This department is not really a military force, so why is it arming to the teeth? There are also rumors (I can't confirm) that "the Feds" are buying up ammunition stocks at surplus stores.

Meanwhile, there are military helicopters running training missions in downtown urban centers. Chicago officials tried to reassure people with the explanation that the maneuvers are meant to "improve the military's ability to operate in urban environments". Whose urban environments? Ours? Nevermind that USA military force supposedly is forbidden by various laws from operating domestically.

My conservative "neighbors" want to be militarily armed and active:

Somebody in Arizona says that his group has planted land mines on the US-Mexico border and that his group is trying to buy a tank. Yes, a tank. Somebody in Texas threw not one but two small fire bombs at the office door of a liberal (Democratic) state senator. Somebody in California went into the home of a 32-year-old Iraqi mother and beat her to death with a tire iron and left a note telling her to "Go back to your own country." Neo-Nazis claim (no evidence yet) they are arming themselves for street patrols in Florida after the Trayvon Marton killing.

Not to be outdone by everyday citizens, conservative lawmakers join the escalation of power-demonstration. A state senator in Missouri is trying to nullify federal authority in the same broad way that the Confederacy did during its last attempt at secession (that led to civil war). But that's old news, right? Lawmakers in Arizona tried the same thing last year. Not to be upstaged this year, though, Republicans in Arizona have chosen Jesse Kelly as their candidate in this election to replace Gabrielle Giffords. Kelly previously urged people to join him in shooting a fully automatic M16 to help remove Giffords from office... shortly before a nutcase attacked Giffords with a gun and injured her brain while killing others. She is leaving elected office so she can work on her recovery. Welcome back to the American political process, Jesse Kelly.

I want out:

There's more, but I just can't keep up with all of the bad news.

I had considered moving to Canada, but I recently learned that they deny citizenship even to employed visitors if anyone in their family has an autism diagnosis. There's no chance that I, with my own autism diagnosis, could live there. I don't know where I could easily move. Any suggestions? I looked for my passport, but I can't find it. I guess I should start the long process of getting another one.

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