Mar. 17th, 2013

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I had another dream already.

I was at a water park. It was my turn to visit one of the large water animals like some guests before me had done. I was very nervous about it. These animals were large. They were shaped like sort of like giraffes and almost as large. They were strictly underwater animals, though.

I finally got into the water. Air bubbles started coming up furiously around me. It was a scary experience. It's what the sea animals do when they surface near someone. It disorients their target before they get to it. I was worried. Finally the head popped up to examine me. It had large eyes. They mostly just keep their head above water, not bringing the rest of their great mass to the surface.

We eventually grew accustomed to each other, and I put my head against its neck. I heard a heartbeat with three thumps. The strongest was the first beat: THUMP-thump-thump. I intended to ask the trainers if this condition was normal for their hearts (I think it was typical) or if my creature had a defect of some kind. I never got around to asking the question.

A trainer joined me in the water. I don't remember what he looked like, but I do remember his jaw features. He had a lot of stubble on his face that was red-tinted, and he had a jewelry spike stud in the center of his lower lip. I wondered why he was allowed to wear it in the water with the animals, but I didn't ask that question either.

My animal and I bonded quite well. I was holding tightly onto its neck while it raced through the water creating large wakes at the surface.

Many years ago, I paid money to give myself a Christmas present at the local zoo. I got to visit inside the dolphin exhibit and pet one of the dolphins. I haven't been thinking of that experience, though, so I'm not sure what triggered tonight's dream. It was an interesting and fun dream, though. I hope it happens again, so I learn more about these creatures.


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