Mar. 23rd, 2013


Mar. 23rd, 2013 06:01 pm
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Well, I'm stuck on crutches for a while.  :(

Three years ago, I attended the Wildlife Rehabilitators Conference here in Minnesota at the main shelter where I work for the Animal Humane Society.  I joined them again today for their weekend conference.  My attendance this year, though, is cut short because I won't be attending tomorrow.  Instead, I expect to stay home so I can nurse a torn ligament in my left leg.

The conference was going well today until our Volunteer department started their own meeting at 1pm in the auditorium nearby.  Their microphone started coming through our speakers too.  I was the only tech staff on site, so I was running around trying to solve the problem.  You'd think I would have snapped a ligament while I was bounding up and down the stairways in a hurry, but no.  After a few phone calls to other staff, I finally just cut power to the speakers in the Wildlife conference so we could continue in peace.  Problem solved.

But I'm a dork; I injure myself just by walking.  I closed a door, pivoted on my left leg, and began taking my first step back to my seat at the conference when *snap/PAIN* happened suddenly.  My first thought was muscle cramp (those used to be common for me), but I soon realized this problem was different.  I sat through the rest of the day fine, then I limped slowly and painfully to my car for the ride home. I discovered that it doesn't hurt nearly as bad if my left foot stays far in front of me at all times, preventing me from flexing my foot and stretching my calf muscle.  My movement was more like a zombie shuffle than a walking gait.

Anyway, I have some new crutches now, so I am more easily mobile again.  Reading online about torn ligaments, I find suggestions for rest, ice, and vitamin B12 (my old friend). I have already finished a pdf for my most recent federal taxes, so I plan to take a copy to a nearby doctor's office that does sliding scale payments for the poor.  I'll see if they recommend anything different to help speed my recovery.



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