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Here are a few images, in honor of today's internet protest against American legislation (proposed, so far) gone amok.  SopaStrike has compiled a list of who's participating in today's blackout by big name internet companies.  You might recognize some of the names on the list: Google, Wikipedia, Tucows, Good Old Games (my favorite), Internet Archives, Imgur, Flickr, Reddit, Mozilla, O'Reilly Media, WordPress, and more.

SOPA image 1SOPA image 3SOPA image 2

If you've never heard of them before, there are plenty of good reviews from reputable sources about these pieces of law that the U.S. Congress is trying to pass.  The best introduction that I've found is a video published at Vimeo.
Additionally, there's a strong disapproval from Adam Savage of the Mythbuster's show, and Wired magazine offers a good justification for their protest, and the Guardian has a 2-minute video explaining the legislation and a decent review of what's at stake in this battle.  The Oatmeal is well known for its parody, and they've got a long animated gif explaining their view on this legislation too (slightly offensive, as is their wont).

If you want to help protest #SOPA and #PIPA legislation, you can sign the petition hosted by Google itself.
Wikipedia encourages you to contact your congress critter.  (You must have javascript enabled to see their blackout message.)  You can use this webpage from Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Your contact might be even more effective if your particular congress critter happens to support these two pieces of legislation.  (Hint: It's not a Democrat vs. Republican thing.  It's a corporation vs. consumer thing.  PIPA is co-sponsored by Minnesota's own Democrat, Al Franken.)

SOPA image 4
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