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I wish I could make some dandelion wine, but I've settled for battered dandelions for breakfast this morning.

I encountered this recipe a few days ago, and I decided I finally needed to try out dandelions as food.  I've wanted to do something like this for years.  That's why I've mentioned repeatedly over the years to my roommates that I didn't want any chemicals used in the back yard where I grow food.  Even "weeds" can be food.

dandelion flowersdandelions prepared

Comments to the recipe mentioned that some people can be sensitive (bitter, nauseating) to a chemical in the base.  I was careful while preparing the flowers to cut right across the "crown" ridge.  Any higher, and the flower just fell apart.  Any lower, and too much of the base was still intact.  I didn't have a deep fryer, so I just pan fried them after soaking them in the thick batter.

dandelions battereddandelions frying

They came out very well.  I think now that you can basically treat them the same as fried mushroom.  Honestly, though, fried mushrooms have more flavor to them.  I ate about half of them plain, and they were yummy.  How can you go wrong with deep-fried anything, though?  I dipped others in either ranch dressing (which didn't taste great to me) or yellow mustard (which I liked).  I wonder if something sweet would also make a great dipping condiment for fried dandelions.

dandelions for breakfast

I encourage other people to experiment with this dish too.  As long as there are no yucky chemicals (insecticides, herbicides, vehicle runoff), then please go out there and harvest some of the food growing in your own yard.  It's delicious.


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