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I went to Pride last year, but I think I'll be avoiding it this weekend. Last night's dream suggests that I should be avoiding stressful situations for a while.  Apparently this year will be fertile for subconscious farming.  I just experienced my 3rd dream of 2012, and it's only June.

It was the zombie apocalypse. They were slow zombies, so they were easy enough to outrun. Strangely, people were still able to speak during the first stage of reanimation, so it was difficult to tell who was affected until they started aiming their teeth at your flesh. One of the recently-turned kept asking me to take my bat and hit him in the back on his spine. Apparently it itched madly, and he thought crushing it would help.

I was accompanied by a man and a woman. They might have been a couple; I'm not sure. I didn't recognize them from the waking world. We were making our way across a metropolitan landscape to some sort of city council meeting where people would decide how to respond in this disaster.

In a crowd somewhere, I explained to my duo that I finally recognized that my body was shrinking. That's why my "perspective" had been so skewed lately. I needed to find the cause so I could stop the process and maybe reverse it. I suddenly found our trio located in a massive lobby to a bank. The guy recognized one of the paintings (of a red-headed man) in the lobby as someone who had faked his own death so he could safely abandon his banking empire. He wanted to use his ill-gotten gains to earn personal redemption through bioengineering. He worked in secrecy to avoid "contaminating influence" from his former life. How did the guy in our group know all this detail? I don't know. We decided to visit him. It required going downstairs through some strange mini-elevators in the bank that could only fit one person at a time.

Like an Alice In Wonderland dream, my shrunken body seemed barely to fit into one of the two elevators. My perspective was wildly out of control. I warned the woman in the elevator next to me (the guy was waiting upstairs until one of the two elevators returned) that I was getting claustrophobic from being so cramped in the tiny elevator... even though my body was shrinking ever faster.

The young cat walked across me and interrupted my slumber, so the continuation of the dream at this point included "disjointed" time as I slowly woke.

Apparently my brain was failing to function properly during the massive shrink, so I lost consciousness. The other two got me to the scientist (former banker), and he cured my problem. My body had already grown back to normal size. This time, though, my brain had grown back into its "natural" form. This Remaking was happening much too quickly, and I couldn't direct it properly. I was restored to my adult form, but I was mute. Time was too out-of-synch, so I was having trouble making sense of the world. I couldn't properly understand what people were saying to me, and I couldn't formulate any words for response.

By now, I'm fully awake, and the dream ends.

My sociability has been "all over the map" during the past two weeks: ranging from wanting a boyfriend to wanting escape from civilization. I've explained before the danger in my thinking too hard about complex social realities. I think it would be safest if I avoided crowds of people for a while. I already skipped Bear Coffee last week. I think I'll skip it again this week and also the local Pride festival this weekend.  I had already scheduled time off from work for a camping event next weekend, but I think I'll cancel it too.

It would be wise to avoid the festive crowds until my thoughts are back under familiar control.  Meltdown is subjectively unpleasant.
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