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Mar. 20th, 2013 09:12 am
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snow not gardenToday is our vernal equinox, but I'm not feeling it. I see other people post their garden photos already, but the ground here is solid ice. We still have a lot of snow waiting to melt.

The cabin fever is bothering me more than usual this year, I think. I've been pondering moving someplace with a more welcoming climate. Almanacs show that Minneapolis has a 50% chance of being frost-free on April 30th, while Portland at nearly the same latitude is March 23rd.

Yesterday, I did something I haven't done before. I started applying for a job (in Portland) at a company that didn't even have a current posting for a position that I wanted. I've been eyeing the Oregon Humane Society for a long time. They do almost as much business as we do, but they appear a dramatically different company.

We post lots of job openings each month, and nearly half of them are only part-time. They have only 1 or 2 postings (sometimes none), and they're full-time. They have tech literate staff too, but they seem better integrated than we are. They have an interactive webcam in their cat colony room. Their job application page actually imports data from LinkedIn or TalentExchange resumes. Their frontpage is easy to view and simple to navigate. I want to work there. Filling out applications is a time-consuming project, but I expect to complete it this weekend.

I assume a programming job there would have to be full-time, which isn't great for my stress management. If it's someplace that doesn't blare page announcements 37 times a day (an actual count here; I'm not exaggerating) then it would still be better for me. I could putter in a garden in the evenings. If I could talk them down to a 4-day work week, that would be even better.

They don't have an open position now, but I might as well let them know that I'm interested. Maybe a year or two later, something could open up.
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