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For some reason, I woke up around 5:30am. It was light outside, the weather was cool, and it seemed to overcast. I checked the weather forecast online. Yes, overcast until noon then rain.

deck after stainYes! It's time to stain the deck. The wood was nearly white from bleaching in the sun, so it needed a new color and protection from further exposure.

I guess I was expecting the stuff to be kind of an oil. It's an all-in-one stain and sealant, though, so it works more like varnish. I didn't know, so I've made some mistakes.

First, don't be surprised by the initial color. I applied it a little thinner than I should at the beginning because I wasn't expecting my deck to be so... PINK. It later dried to a much nicer pecan color. Also don't use the roller to mostly-cover railings, thinking that you'll touch up with the brush later with a second coat. There is no second coat. After the stuff starts to dry, it's already waterproofed and any attempt to apply again just beads up instead. Use the roller only on the broad surfaces, and use the brush everywhere else.

Second, use a "bleach" (the home supply store sells cans of special stuff for this purpose) to eliminate any unintended stains on the wood. I looked down at the deck and saw it was already terribly bleached by the sun, so I started painting the stainer onto it. Then I got to the parts that were black with mold, and... too late to change course now (hands splattered in paint, skies about to rain) so I just sealed it up. I may regret it later. I'm not sure what the mold will do while sealed under the varnish away from water.

Click the thumbnail to see the full picture.  You can still see some of the very grey wood on the lower left corner that needs stain.  It's a big difference in the appearance.  I continued painting through a few light sprinkles of rain, until my can finally ran out of sealant. I have some more touching up to do, but the vast majority is done. 

Then I started mowing the yard, but the rain finally chased me inside with it half done. Now I'm showered, posting online, and looking forward to a quiet afternoon after already working half a day outside, and it's only 11am.
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