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the first training class is planned

The JACC council last night voted to officially support the planned Citizen Patrols.  So I created a PDF flyer on my own initiative.  I've already printed copies for every house on my block, plus a few extra.  I've talked with my block leader from the recent National Night Out gathering, and we'll make the rounds tomorrow night to hand out flyers.

training for citizen patrols in Jordan community of Minneapolis

Local citizens donated space for the training class and donated effort to create a new custom logo for yard signs and patrol visibility.  I hope to see the results of their efforts in the coming days.  I'm sure I'll post more info after I attend the class and get ready for our first patrol.  We hope that local government and news outlets will finally take an interest in our community.  The police in attendance at our safety council meeting seemed to agree that community patrols are effective at changing crime in the neighborhood.  We are hoping for a more peaceful future.

#WarzoneInMinneapolis #TakeAStandCeaseFire