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2017-05-01 09:24 pm
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camping and other updates

injured leg still not sealed upIt's now day 9 since I scraped up my leg, and it's still oozing.  I bought more gauze pads at the grocery store today, so I could keep up with the daily replacements.  I stopped adding ointment a few days ago.  The red swelling hasn't gotten any worse, so I think it's still healing normally.

It's been cold (near freezing) and rainy, so I haven't made any more progress on my gardening.  I have plants that need to go into the ground. Maybe tonight will be the last night that I leave the heater running on the patio.  The forecast is for warmer days and nights starting tomorrow.

And a few days ago, I had another camping dream.  It was as brief as the one from two weeks ago.  I was camping with someone I knew (different from the previous dream).  There were lots of other people camping in tents near us this time.  We were all camping under a massive canopy.  It was sort of a tent city... within a giant tent.  Strange.  I have no idea what event drew all of us there.
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2017-04-12 07:25 am
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I'll get back to making regular posts eventually.  I had a 2nd illness that sort of "reset the clock" on my coughing, so I haven't been feeling as energetic and involved as usual.  This morning, though, I wanted to report a dream that I remembered upon waking.  It's been a long while.

I was out camping.  Three of us were walking back from some event (I don't know what) to our tent in the woods.  I recognize one of the guys, but the other was a stranger to me.  Our tent was strangely cube-like with straight upward walls instead of sloping ones from the way a tent usually hangs.  What was more strange, however, were the car lights.

Our tent was located right next to a gas station, so car headlights were shining repeatedly into the tent all night.  There was no sense at all of remoteness, isolation, or solitude.  Very strange.
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2016-05-24 07:43 am
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driving backwards

I had a dream last night that involved an ex. Something was wrong with the car, so we resorted to driving backwards at highway speeds. Not my favorite mode of travel. Sure, there was a bit more to the story, but mostly I'm just recording it so my "dreams" tag stays accurate with my dream history. I guess the dream was noteworthy because I wasn't bent out of shape when I woke up. "Out of sight, out of mind" is mostly how I work, so exceptions when my past and present intermix probably deserves a mention.
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2013-09-02 04:37 pm
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weirdest dream ever

It's a holiday weekend, and I take naps when I want. A nap that started about 2 hours ago ended with the strangest dream that I can recall ever having.  It's my 3rd dream of the year, so I'm at my quota for 2013 now.
I had an invitation to attend a conference. I saw a mix of highly educated and powerful people who were showing up with me, but none of us knew just what the conference was about. We picked up our badges and were told to come back later when the conference would start. I hung my badge around my neck, then I wandered off for an hour or two.

When I came back, I was in the company of a youngish woman. (I didn't recognize her appearance from real life). We approached the downward stairwell that led to the platform where we had picked up our badges, but the stairway was gone. It was partially deconstructed at the high end where we were, but it was altogether missing at the other end. We were told that we had to find another way down there. Apparently the conference included a "test" to see how determined and creative that people could be in achieving their goals.

There was some symmetry to the building, so we decided to take "the other" matching stairwell instead. Getting to the other stairwell became a bizarre maze of narrow hallways and crowded rooms. As we approached the end, we became literally tangled in cloth that was packed all around us. We heard a 3rd voice of an older woman who was likewise tangled on our path to the stairwell. We reached an "edge" and needed to fall downward through a chute toward where I thought the other platform would be. We agreed to do so, so we went over the edge and let the tangling cloth slow our fall. All three of us ended up, though, in a bin outside the building.

Somehow the younger woman tarried behind. I went with the old woman around the edge of the building. We were among people who were setting up camping tents all around us. We saw that we were now below the platform where we needed to be. I joked to the woman, "We should ask the aliens to beam us up there." She replied matter-of-factly that she knew just the ones to ask. One of the tent-building crews were some tiny goggled aliens (sort of like the minions in Despicable Me). She directed them to beam me up, but then she interrupted herself to ask if I had eaten much iron lately. I was explaining that I had other supplements but no iron specifically, and one of the little guys aimed a small device at me, and I floated up to the platform.

I was in a hurry, so I went ahead to find my seat. I was briefly distracted by a small buffet table on the way, but I didn't stop for food. I went into a small conference room to find the seat number that was on my badge. I couldn't find it, then I realized that I was in the wrong room. I went down the hall to another similar room. They were all behind unmarked large metal doors, so it was hard to know which was the correct room.

My eyes were adjusting to the low light in the room. I could see that some other people had found their own ways to the conference in spite of the bad stairway. Only about half of the seats were occupied. I was calculating where my seat should be by the number arrangement, and I spotted it just as the "instructor" was calling my name. He said that I was tardy and should not do that again. I took my seat as other latecomers were arriving during roll call. I sat at the end of a row next to an overweight man who was sweating profusely. Apparently his adventure to get around the missing stairwell was as athletic as mine had been.

The instructor explained that we were all chosen to test a new vaccine. It was designed to protect both us and our progeny from a microbe introduced by a hostile extraterrestrial species. Before they explained any more details, a wave of assistants came out to administer the vaccination to everyone.

An assistant came toward me with a white triangular device that had a small blue light at the apex of one corner. She was pointing that lighted corner at me like it would deliver the vaccination. I kept protesting, because I wanted more information about the nature of the medicine and the virus and this business of aliens being at our planet. She kept peering at me with greater intensity, and I kept pushing away her hand with the device. She was asking me "Who injected you with neurotoxin?", and I kept answering "I don't know". She commented that my heart rate and perspiration were elevated. Of course they were. I was getting assaulted with an injection that I didn't want!

She motioned someone over to us. A mostly-human-appearing man with a much-too-narrow head approached me and looked directly at my eyes. He asked the same question, and I gave the same answer. They seemed satisfied that I was telling the truth. They were in a rush to send me elsewhere to deal with this mysterious neurotoxin.  As I was being escorted out of the room, the alien with the too-narrow head said, "Nobody else (human?/non-human?) has been in there." I can't remember now which option he spoke, but it clearly implied that he couldn't rule out the possibility of the other option having manipulated my memory recall.

I was taken to a room where they intended to address the neurotoxin danger. They continued asking what I remembered about where it came from. I continued saying the now-annoying "I don't know". As they were setting up the device for examining me, I remembered an experience of having my spine pierced by the same device. I said, "Wait, I remember this. This has happened before. I don't want this. This is painful. I don't want this."
And I woke up. I noticed that my heart rate was normal, so the dream was not a nightmare of any traditional kind. I've been trying to decipher the story as I wrote it out. The only element that I can identify is the young woman, the old woman, and the tangle of cloth: clearly the Fates were involved in choosing who attended this bizarre conference. Who wanted me kept away from it, what the human/alien collaboration was about, and why people were camping outside a large hotel building, though, I do not know.  It's an X-Files conference in my brain, apparently.

As I finished this post, T'Reese quivered then woke with a loud meow. Apparently she's having strange dreams today too.
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2013-03-17 08:57 am
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here there be sea monsters

I had another dream already.

I was at a water park. It was my turn to visit one of the large water animals like some guests before me had done. I was very nervous about it. These animals were large. They were shaped like sort of like giraffes and almost as large. They were strictly underwater animals, though.

I finally got into the water. Air bubbles started coming up furiously around me. It was a scary experience. It's what the sea animals do when they surface near someone. It disorients their target before they get to it. I was worried. Finally the head popped up to examine me. It had large eyes. They mostly just keep their head above water, not bringing the rest of their great mass to the surface.

We eventually grew accustomed to each other, and I put my head against its neck. I heard a heartbeat with three thumps. The strongest was the first beat: THUMP-thump-thump. I intended to ask the trainers if this condition was normal for their hearts (I think it was typical) or if my creature had a defect of some kind. I never got around to asking the question.

A trainer joined me in the water. I don't remember what he looked like, but I do remember his jaw features. He had a lot of stubble on his face that was red-tinted, and he had a jewelry spike stud in the center of his lower lip. I wondered why he was allowed to wear it in the water with the animals, but I didn't ask that question either.

My animal and I bonded quite well. I was holding tightly onto its neck while it raced through the water creating large wakes at the surface.

Many years ago, I paid money to give myself a Christmas present at the local zoo. I got to visit inside the dolphin exhibit and pet one of the dolphins. I haven't been thinking of that experience, though, so I'm not sure what triggered tonight's dream. It was an interesting and fun dream, though. I hope it happens again, so I learn more about these creatures.
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2013-03-02 07:07 am
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organic chemistry

I had my first dream of 2013 last night, but there's not much of it.

I was attending college again. I'm not sure where. My "dorm" room was on the ground floor of a hotel. I had two roommates. One of them was a local guy I know, Pat. I didn't recognize the other roommate.  (It was not Pat's husband.) I was trying to sleep, but they were obsessing over the sound of water trickling inside one of the walls. There may have been a leak in a pipe upstairs.

I was trying to recover from stress by hiding in the dorm room, but I finally decided to attend my only class that semester. (Echoes of real life in years past.) It was organic chemistry. In the dream, I recognized the professor as the one who previously taught me chemistry 101 a while back. (In real life, I don't know who she was.) It's the first time I've showed up to class, even though school has been in session for a few weeks already.

Pat goes to class with me, but he's some sort of support staff for me. He stays beside me, trying to help me focus on schoolwork. After lecture, the professor comes over to speak with me, since she didn't recognize me as one of her students. She asks if I think I can "keep up" with the class since I'm starting so late. I tell her that I think I can "hit the ground running".

The dream ends there as both cats begin pestering me for food this morning.

I think maybe school became the topic because I have been worrying lately that I'll never get to act on my plan to return to school for a degree in astrophysics. I was attending part-time many years ago, but college costs have continued skyrocketing. I simply can't afford classes any more as I could back then.

I think Pat showed up because plans for time-management and attention-management bring up lots of old and unpleasant memories. Pat has an adult son on the autistic spectrum, so maybe Pat was there to help me reduce anxiety about all of the extraneous stuff.

That leak in the dorm wall? I have no idea.
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2012-10-22 11:39 am
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dreams of the fae aren't what I expected

I had a logically-complex dream this morning. Well, for a dream it was unusually logical-formal, anyway. I haven't figured out its metaphorical meaning yet.

I think maybe the complexity is due to my weekend spent working on a programming algorithm more complicated than any I've attempted in maybe 20 years. I found that it was proof that my mind is not as agile as it once was. I discovered at work last week that the .NET codebase is unable to handle complex nameserver requests. I spent much of Sunday writing my own Powershell implementation of NSLOOKUP. That protocol is complicated because of the compression algorithm that it uses in replies. Decompression seems to require a self-referential function with multiple parameters passed by both reference and value. I got it partway solved. (I could see '' text assembled! But it went bad immediately afterwards when I tried to access the hash table again.)

On to the dream...

It was set in the realm of the "Lost Girl" tv show. A meeting was called between the light fae and the dark fae. The only character that I recognized was Trick.  A man who seemed to be dark fae was leading the meeting.  The tables and chairs had to be reorganized in the small room to accommodate my (totally unexplained) presence at the meeting.  I ended up alone at the base of a triangle.  It seemed to be dark fae on the left tables, light fae on the right tables, and me at the lone table at the bottom.  The meeting leader stood at the top of the triangle.

The leader was calling for an end to stereotypes.  That's a good thing, right?  Normally, I'd encourage such change, but my dream self doubted his motives.  I spoke up at the meeting.  "What about archetypes?  What about the embodiment of ideals?"

He interrupted me and countered by appealing to human concepts of liberty and he mentioned the freedom inspired by the American Declaration of Independence.  I knew that he was hiding something, because he was using emotional argument to persuade instead of rational argument.

I was preparing to continue.  "You flatter humanity by incorporating their rhetoric, but fae are different.  Human literature uses archetypes to good effect, and human tales of the fae do the same.  It's easy for them to stereotype us because we are expressions of universal forces.  Each of us is unique and responsible for our choices, yes, but our kinds share common qualities.  You seem to be advocating the end of war between us, which is good, but you also seem to be advocating the end of our clans and families.  Are you sure the fae are ready to begin a new life without any boundaries at all?  I suspect that you intend to benefit from the ensuing chaos by offering your own kind of order at an opportune moment.  Are you being honest with us about the effect of this change that you propose?"

... or so I would have said, but T'Reese started pestering me for breakfast food, so the dream ended before I got to speak or hear the reaction.

Maybe this story includes my thoughts about the upcoming election?  I do suspect that Republicans have intentionally dragged the USA through bad times in recent years in an attempt to offer their solution to the problems that they created or worsened, thinking they can shape the resulting chaos to their benefit.  It's an opinion with some justification, but why waste dreamspace on the idea?
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2012-06-19 07:43 am
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Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream

I went to Pride last year, but I think I'll be avoiding it this weekend. Last night's dream suggests that I should be avoiding stressful situations for a while.  Apparently this year will be fertile for subconscious farming.  I just experienced my 3rd dream of 2012, and it's only June.

It was the zombie apocalypse. They were slow zombies, so they were easy enough to outrun. Strangely, people were still able to speak during the first stage of reanimation, so it was difficult to tell who was affected until they started aiming their teeth at your flesh. One of the recently-turned kept asking me to take my bat and hit him in the back on his spine. Apparently it itched madly, and he thought crushing it would help.

I was accompanied by a man and a woman. They might have been a couple; I'm not sure. I didn't recognize them from the waking world. We were making our way across a metropolitan landscape to some sort of city council meeting where people would decide how to respond in this disaster.

In a crowd somewhere, I explained to my duo that I finally recognized that my body was shrinking. That's why my "perspective" had been so skewed lately. I needed to find the cause so I could stop the process and maybe reverse it. I suddenly found our trio located in a massive lobby to a bank. The guy recognized one of the paintings (of a red-headed man) in the lobby as someone who had faked his own death so he could safely abandon his banking empire. He wanted to use his ill-gotten gains to earn personal redemption through bioengineering. He worked in secrecy to avoid "contaminating influence" from his former life. How did the guy in our group know all this detail? I don't know. We decided to visit him. It required going downstairs through some strange mini-elevators in the bank that could only fit one person at a time.

Like an Alice In Wonderland dream, my shrunken body seemed barely to fit into one of the two elevators. My perspective was wildly out of control. I warned the woman in the elevator next to me (the guy was waiting upstairs until one of the two elevators returned) that I was getting claustrophobic from being so cramped in the tiny elevator... even though my body was shrinking ever faster.

The young cat walked across me and interrupted my slumber, so the continuation of the dream at this point included "disjointed" time as I slowly woke.

Apparently my brain was failing to function properly during the massive shrink, so I lost consciousness. The other two got me to the scientist (former banker), and he cured my problem. My body had already grown back to normal size. This time, though, my brain had grown back into its "natural" form. This Remaking was happening much too quickly, and I couldn't direct it properly. I was restored to my adult form, but I was mute. Time was too out-of-synch, so I was having trouble making sense of the world. I couldn't properly understand what people were saying to me, and I couldn't formulate any words for response.

By now, I'm fully awake, and the dream ends.

My sociability has been "all over the map" during the past two weeks: ranging from wanting a boyfriend to wanting escape from civilization. I've explained before the danger in my thinking too hard about complex social realities. I think it would be safest if I avoided crowds of people for a while. I already skipped Bear Coffee last week. I think I'll skip it again this week and also the local Pride festival this weekend.  I had already scheduled time off from work for a camping event next weekend, but I think I'll cancel it too.

It would be wise to avoid the festive crowds until my thoughts are back under familiar control.  Meltdown is subjectively unpleasant.
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2012-05-09 06:55 am
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I have a social life in my dreams

I had a dream last night.  It had a social theme, which is unusual.

I had a boyfriend/husband.  It was not a person I recognized from real life.  We lived in a very large "house" that somehow was situated in a massive apartment complex.  Maybe he owned the business, and we lived in one of the buildings ourselves? The dream began around 4:30am (dream time) when he woke up because the first guests were arriving (much too early in the day) at the house.  Apparently we were hosting some sort of social event, and people were arriving from all over the nation.  Naturally, I wasn't thrilled about our territory being turned into a party zone for an army of strangers.  He seemed stressed about it too.

The dream ended uneventfully.  The day was barely getting started, and many more people were still to arrive.  I don't know what brought on this topic for a dream.  I am, though, planning to bicycle to work today, then afterwards I'll bicycle to the Bear Coffee social in Minneapolis.  The coffeehouse building is a residential house.  Perhaps it's related?
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2012-02-07 08:22 am
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first dream of 2012

I just had my first dream of 2012, and it was a brand new concept for my dreams.  I think it was influenced by the movie Pandorum that I watched while slumbering on the couch during my recent bout of food poisoning.

I was among the crew of a colony spaceship. We were bound for a cool weather planet, but we were stopping over at a previously colonized "perfect Earth" for restocking some supplies. We arrived during local winter, but it was relatively mild as such things go.

The first colony we encountered was unfortunately (for our resupply needs) following a more primitive culture.  Their appearance was a mixture of both northern and southern european features, I think their language was something akin to Afrikaans, and their society was community focused.  We gave them some crates of fruits that they didn't already have.  Seed stock is very valuable on new colonies, but they didn't really have much to offer in return that we needed. They prepared huts for us to stay through the cold nights. I felt the urge to stay at this colony rather than continue the mission on to our intended destination.

We had to travel overland to a different colony to find more technologically advanced resources.  They were a colony much more Americanized and self-interested. They spoke English like we did, so they were easier to deal with, but they were also less pleasant than the other colony.  At least they had some of the equipment that we wanted.  We didn't spend much time among them.

On our way back to the first village, we passed some fields with fresh "snow" on the ground.  It was more like a salt crust that grew upward from the ground.  It was killing all of the plants that it affected. We were told that this planet had regular snow (falling frozen water), and this salt-snow was something new and unexpected. We stopped to investigate.

We didn't find anyone outside, so I went into a farm house. I was startled when I stumbled across someone inside.

I started to wake up at this point, so details get very fuzzy here.  I think the person I found was an adult male in his 20s or late teens. He dropped into some kind of fugue and started babbling things that didn't make immediate sense to me.

I woke up feeling hunger for the first time in 4 days.  I think the food poisoning is finally gone.  I'm going to try eating solid food today.
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2011-12-04 07:59 pm
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infovore nomad

I just woke up from yet another multi-hour catnap this weekend. I've spent most of the last 2.5 days sleeping. It's been a useful recuperation from the recent few weeks at work. I feel marginally more energetic now than I did on Friday. I expect the stress level in December to be only slightly better than during November. There are still major projects that have to be finished in short time spans. Oh well. For now, at least it's a paying job during a bad economy.

As I woke from this recent sleep, though, I finished part of another dream...

I was living at a university. It was not a campus that I remember from real life. I was not a student there, and I didn't have a job there either. I slept in study rooms when they were unoccupied, and I read books that other people left in stairwells for reading during their cigarette smoke breaks. When daytime arrived and student activity increased for a few hours, I walked around campus among the other people, the actual students and administrators. I enjoyed learning there, even though I didn't belong.

If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to spend my money by becoming a permanent student on a college campus. I know, I know... I have to actually buy lottery tickets in order to win. It's just a pipe dream. I can't actually do work and school at the same time. I've tried that routine many times over the years. I just don't have the mental fortitude to attend to so many unrelated tasks at once, unfortunately.

This current job was my best hope at actually doing it, since it's only a part-time job. It just doesn't pay enough to keep up with price hikes in college costs over the last decade. And as long as a programming job (needing concentration for long periods of time) is housed within a facilities/I.T. department (needing multitasking on frequent new problems), then I won't have the attention to afford any class either.

Maybe someday I'll find a part-time programming job at a university that offers free tuition to its employees. Wouldn't that arrangement be nice?
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2011-09-23 07:41 am
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at the doctor's office

Last night's dream was very strange.  I don't even know where to begin to interpret it.

I went to visit the doctor.  Maybe for pains in my gut, I can't remember for sure.  The waiting room was crowded.  I wanted a drink of water, but finding a drink involved a lot of hassle.  One of the nurses led me through the building to another waiting room.  Along with the waiting chairs, there were two guys at computer terminals doing data entry.  I also found a large barrel of water with a tap.  I got my drink of water there.

Next to the water was a small vending machine.  It offered toys for children, and it also had some seeds for gardening.  I got the seeds.  A different nurse helped me get a big bag and some dirt for planting the seeds.  This second nurse spent a lot of time talking with me while I gardened in the waiting room, maybe observing me for symptoms.  After the seeds (and some sort of lily that was already sprouted) were planted in the bag, I was a mess and needed to clean up.

I wandered elsewhere to a restroom and washed my hands and arms.  As I came back to the waiting room with the garden bag, I noticed that it was suddenly very busy in here too.  That's when I saw that it was a triage room, with people going to nearby doctor offices to determine if their problem was easy to solve or needed referring to other doctors elsewhere in the large building.

I woke up.  I was laying on my right side (not unusual) and T'Reese was perched up in the air on my left hip (very unusual) waiting for me to feed her.
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2011-07-04 09:26 am
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dream recall

It turns out that dream recall can be predicted, and it appears that autism does affect it.

A recent study found two different predictors of dream recall, depending on which stage of sleep you last experienced.

"In particular, after morning awakening from REM sleep, a higher frontal 5–7 Hz (theta) activity was associated with successful dream recall. ... a different predictive relationship was found after awakening from stage 2 NREM sleep. Specifically, a lower 8–12 Hz (alpha) oscillatory activity of the right temporal area was associated with a successful dream recall."

There are boatloads of articles about how autistics vary in the arrangement of their frontal and temporal lobes. During the last year, several papers have been written about how to use these variations that show up in brain scans as a way of objectively diagnosing autism even in very young children, down to 1 year of age.

I found only a single reference to dream analysis comparisons for autistic versus neurotypical subjects.

"Questionnaires revealed that participants with ASD, compared to controls, had fewer recollections of dreaming, fewer bad dreams and fewer emotions. In the sleep laboratory, dream content narratives following REM sleep awakenings were shorter in ASD participants than in controls. ASD participants also reported fewer settings, objects, characters, social interactions, activities, and emotions. It is concluded that these characteristics of dreaming in ASD may reflect neurocognitive dimensions specific to this condition."

Ha! So I'm "typical" in this regard, at least when you compare me to the right group of people. :)
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2011-06-16 08:33 am
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I'm pretty sure I've never eaten oxtail before, and I definitely haven't tried Chinese medicine, so my subconscious must be going to great lengths to find an association that will alert me to a need for B12.  So far, I've been ignoring the craving for liver and onions, since it would stink up the house something awful if I cooked it myself.  I don't know of any restaurants that serve it that are close enough for an evening bicycle trip.

I dreamed last night that I went to a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner for general checkup.  He prescribed me ground up dried oxtail to add to my meals.  Its intended benefit for me was the B12 value in the bone marrow.  Not a very subtle subconscious hint, is it?

In other news, I paid my "first" (second time around) premium for MN Care, so I will have health insurance again on the 1st of July.  It amuses me that the doctor I asked for B12 injections last time said my values weren't low enough to warrant it and he doesn't like giving people injections just because they feel tired.  Yet the podiatrist started me on B12/cofactor pills when my B12 levels were even higher.  I dunno, I just want to feel energetic again, and without the muscle twitches.  I do seem slightly better on both counts since I've started bicycle commuting, so regular exercise does seem to help a bit.
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2011-05-01 02:05 pm
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If I had money (or a husband with minimalist ideals like mine) I think I found a very good project this morning.  If it cost only the actual dollar values quoted below, I can actually afford it all right now with $400 left over afterwards in my bank account.  But then there are sale taxes, recurring property taxes, plumbing/electricity to install, etc.  :(

1) Buy this empty lot of 0.17 acres in Minneapolis, closer to where I work than I am now.  The auction starts at US$4000, but I'm sure prices will escalate quickly.

2a) Buy a prefab minimalist house, or
2b) Buy a used 20' shipping container for US$2400 then build it up with an exoskeleton shell (for extra insulation and improved appearance).

Afterwards, use the big ol' land space for gardening.  Sell excess food.  Sell seedlings in springtime to local residents for their own gardens.  I drove by the lot this morning.  It's a corner spot on Lyndale (busy avenue) and 24th.  Large and flat.  It would be great for growing food.

That's what I want.  *sigh*  I wish I had a clue how to make it happen.
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2011-04-12 07:04 am
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threshing wild oats

What an unusual dream this morning.  Time was wonky and fast-forwarded through several pieces that would be important to a consistent story.  There's no helping that flaw to this recollection.

I was attracted to this man.  His car was having problems with overheating.  We were traveling back to our home cities in some sort of caravan.  During some stopover point, we ended up on a "make out hill" at dusk where lots of cars were parked under the sky. I ended up at his car (still overheating badly) and we chatted while it cooled down.  We eventually kissed.

Now we're at a different hillside, just the two of us in daytime.  I don't quite remember sex any more, so maybe that's why the dream skipped that significant part of the story.  *laugh*  His car had overheated so much that pipes were glowing (very unrealistically) white hot.  I'm pouring water over them trying to cool them down while he goes off into the meadow.  I'm having some success cooling down the car engine, when he comes back with an armful of oat stalks.  I know what they look like because I've grown them in my garden before.  He sits down cross-legged and starts thrashing them on the ground to pick up the seeds and eat them one by one.  I'm watching him and remembering that I find back-to-nature simplicity quite attractive.

End-of-dream as the kitten starts annoying the older cat, and their scuffle wakes me up.  I eventually crawl out of bed to wander online.  I find an email waiting for me that announces a $1000 sweepstakes event at where I apparently already have an account.  I'd forgotten all about it.  I log in, though, and submit my entry for today.  I now have a chance at $1000 to help build my "Ultimate Home Farm", as the contest says.  Honestly, $1000 doesn't go very far at all, but I suppose every little bit helps.

I guess I'll have to plant some oats this year, eh?  I only have rice and corn (in my "grain" category) planted indoors so far.  It's still not quite warm enough to plan any new seeds outdoors.  The ground hasn't fully thawed yet.
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2011-01-15 07:54 am
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"Nothing unreal exists."

It's probably a good thing that I rarely dream.

I remember only a handful of dreams each year, and this morning was one of those occasions. Waking slowly this morning, I spent about 3 minutes coming to the conclusion that a whole 2-year period of my life didn't actually exist. It was a period not even relevant to the dream itself, but somehow my histories got all wonky and confused. Dreams can be confusing because they are false inputs. Living without these brief unrealities seems to be a small blessing.

Spock memory testIn the Star Trek movie "The Voyage Home", a computer quizzes Spock's memory on various subjects.

Q) What was Kiri-kin-tha's first law of metaphysics?
A) "Nothing unreal exists."

Apparently the quote comes originally from an old white lighter book called "A Course In Miracles". The full quote is, "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God." I have my doubts on all three of these points.

Investigating my false-life issue this morning leads me to the revelation that there is more than one kind of logic in the universe. That's an important point that they didn't teach me in my college class on Logic.  Coincidentally, my 2-year non-life centers upon a college experience at a school that doesn't even exist.

So begins another day in the life of Terry.
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2010-08-03 09:27 am
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dream garden... of defeat

Strange. I may exceed my quota of the year for dreaming. The cast this time includes two characters from real life. Bear Coffee is held at a cafe where Steve works.  I helped someone in Minneapolis plant a garden this year, and Jake is the jack russell terrier who also lives there.

*fade to dreamscape*

Steve owns a mansion with a very large yard. I, possibly trying to curry attention, agree to plant a garden there. It's a very large yard. I dig up many areas to prepare them for planting. Time passes.

Steve and I talk again. I realize that I mistakenly thought I was finished with the garden previously. In fact, I didn't plant anything at all.  Lots of young plants are sitting all around the yard, waiting to be put into the ground. There are lots of decorative plants, very unlike my usual habit to plant edible things. There are some roses, and there are lots of cannas with flowers from every color of the spectrum. Steve has been watering them, thinking that I would arrive "soon" to finish the job. Oops. Much embarrassment on my part. I've been more scatterbrained than usual, mistaking my work so completely.

I try to arrange a good time to complete the gardening. Steve's roommates are the only barrier. One of them has a pet dog, Jake. I should arrive late enough on any day that I don't wake Jake, who barks incessantly and will wake and annoy everyone. Okay, I plan to visit on the coming weekend during the late morning.

I arrive to find no one outside to let me into the garden shed to get the tools. I know where the key is kept inside the house. I go quietly inside the mansion and wander it's spacious rooms to get the key. Everyone is still asleep. I'm almost back outdoors when Jake hears me and scrambles down hallways to chase after me. I get the screen door closed, but Jake bursts through the metal mesh. Jake runs circles all around the back yard, barking loudly.

The dream ends with dream-me feeling doubly disappointed. I failed to work the garden as I had promised, and I failed to work quietly enough to escape Jake's notice. The attention I've earned is the wrong kind.
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2010-07-17 06:17 am
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The skies were clear on the bitterly cold Minnesota winter day.  I heard wolves howl nearby, even though I was in the city.  The temperature was far below zero, so I hurried as I walked from the street towards the gate that would lead me to the back yard.  I saw a lone wolf standing still in the neighbor's yard, watching me intently.

I knew it was a sign of trouble, so I backed quickly against the fence.  I wanted to defend myself from one side only, rather than being vulnerable from all around.  Another wolf appeared on my right, though, as I reached the fence.  The attack began quickly.  I used fists to punch the animals that approached.  There were more than just the two of them now.

One of them bit the sleeve on my right arm and pulled, spinning me around to face it.  Another wolf lunged from behind and bit into me on my right shoulder.  I felt its teeth begin to tear my muscle apart.  The pain of it woke me up...

The pain instantly disappeared.  In its place, though, I felt an unusually rapid and strong muscle spasm that twitched above my right shoulder blade.  I shifted my weight as I laid on my back, and the twitch immediately ended.  I laid awake a while longer, feeling other minor twitches throughout my back.  The big one was over, though, so I eventually fell back to sleep.
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2010-06-02 09:34 am
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garden:  I picked two strawberries this morning.  They were much tastier than anything I buy at the store.

caterpillars:  One of the local newspapers had an article about the current caterpillar bloom.  "The last major outbreak was in 2000-2002."

rabbit:  Chive bunny is still here this morning in the usual spot in my chive-strawberry-thyme patch.  Can you spot zhem in this photo?  (hint: center, bottom half)
chive bunny again

movies:  I skipped all the events last night.  I plan to work today, though, and then go to the movie festival tonight.  Still tired, still "something" in my left ear.

dream:  I forgot to document a dream from Monday morning.  Nothing of significance happened, but I figure it was a response to my pondering of the history video that I saw at Fort Ridgely over the weekend.  The video detailed the events leading to the expulsion of the Dakotas from Minnesota state territory after two battles at Fort Ridgely.

My perspective was from a disembodied observer "camera".  I saw a modern human city which was living with alien cohabitants.  The aliens came to earth with superior technology (culturally) and strength (individually).  Their appearance was rugged and reddish, sort of like a classic demon depiction.  There were treaties that limited cross-cultural aggression, but there wasn't really much that the humans could do to prevent harassment at the local level by individual aliens who wanted to prove how tough they were by bullying or even killing a human occasionally.  I saw whole city blocks abandoned by humans because gangs (the alien youngsters, much like human youngsters) had marked their turf there.  Halloween night trick-or-treating was beginning.  Human police were out to ensure a peaceful night for the kids (in traditional costumes, not pretending to be the aliens).  I woke up before anything else happened, although it seemed liked a perfect setting for a violent episode.