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mellowtigger ([personal profile] mellowtigger) wrote2011-06-27 09:13 am
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I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that Target and Best Buy had the largest tents at Pride.  I tried to walk around them a few times rather than directly past them because they're both still on my boycott list.  Somebody had them in mind even before Pride weekend...

I ran into Patrick Scully when I was heading home from Pride, & gave him a quick hug.  "Careful," he said, "I've got a knife in my back."
Of course I had to look.
Yep.  Nice plastic knife attached to his shirt.  RIIIIIIGHT in the middle of a Target logo.
"Target stabbed us in the back, so I'm going over to their booth, lie down, and see what happens."
"Well, then let's get to it!"

Yay!  That's Patrick of Patrick's Cabaret fame.  I've also seen him out at Radical Faerie events before.  Thank goodness somebody has more dramatic sense than I do.

In related news, at least this year's Pride festival had a state governor participating for the first time.