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I remain committed to the pacifist ideals that I mentioned two years ago. I think it's a very good sign that the Occupation itself is focused on peaceful efforts that draw attention to the greed that manifests as corporate hypocrisy and government negligence.

Tea Party activists brought weapons, brought posters that mentioned spilling the "blood of patriots", and generally presented themselves in provocative ways. I had worried that they would be responsible for drawing blood as they lashed out against government and citizens. Occupiers, in contrast, bring food dishes and potted plants, bring renewable energy sources, and host yoga or meditation sessions for their calming influence. It's clear that they are the ones sacrificing their own blood to government desperation and outsider aggression.

I'm still hopeful, but some trends make me nervous. The militarization of police forces in America has badly skewed the relationship between these "peace keepers" and the average citizen. I'm beginning to think that England had the proper approach to disarm their officers. Instead, ours keep acquiring military hand-me-downs. Denver has become the next city to use tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse its Occupation tent city. The bigger cities are beginning to acquire angry combat veterans who are willing to fight because of wartime aggression used in cities like Oakland and New York City. The marines even have their own website.

Occupy Denver policeOccupy Denver rubber bullets

I think that Minneapolis has benefited from two factors. First, we have our own port-o-potties paid by donations, so sanitation and civility here have been maintained much more effectively than in other cities. Second, we still have no tents, so authorities may maintain hope that winter weather will break up our occupation without direct human intervention. (Hint: we won't stop because of the bad weather.) The local Veterans For Peace have created a permanent space at our occupation, although I see it attended by them only occasionally.

John Lennon quoteOccupy winter

I encourage people to break out of the military mentality. Creative solutions can allow a peaceful transition to the next stage in human civilization. The encouragement of greed is subtly incorporated throughout our economic processes.  Profit is not the problem, but perpetual greed is absolutely the root of the problem.  There is no unoccupied arable land left on Earth. We must establish a zero-growth solution (for our economy, population, and resources) that can sustain us indefinitely. Give us some time to work out the details. We are committed to this action.

Please pardon our peaceful chaos...


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