Jun. 2nd, 2013 10:13 pm
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A while back, the city did some road work that required tearing up the curb and nearby lawn.  Afterwards, they used grass seed to restore lawns.  It didn't work well.  Houses near the park ended up with dandelion beds instead of grass.  One neighbor dug out the flowers last year.  Another neighbor did it this year.  I figured it was time that we finally removed them from our lawn.

I spent some time weeding on Saturday and Sunday.  I didn't think I had spent so much time outdoors to warrant a burn like this. My shoulders and thighs are the worst, and I'm only mildly burned on my arms, legs, and face.  I've been using an old aloe vera Solarcaine formula.  It helps a lot.

I normally have time spent bicycling to help me acclimate to summer daylight.  Even without bicycling, though, this amount of burn surprised me.  I went looking online to see if sun sensitivity is a side effect of the warfarin medication that I'm taking.  Officially, it seems not to be a side effect, but I find many anecdotal stories that it is.

I guess I should spend more time gradually introducing full sunlight to my skin.  Winters in Minnesota keep everybody cooped up indoors for a long time, so we all end up a little pale.  Today, though, I'm more pink than pale.  Getting to sleep tonight may be a mild adventure, since the cats like to lay up against me, but it will be uncomfortable for me tonight.  We'll see how it goes.


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