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I've once again joined the ranks of those rare, debt-free Americans!

I went into debt when I got slammed with two major life problems at the same time.  I went to the hospital and got some medication that together cost me a few thousand dollars, and my car died.  My parents helped me with the car problem, and I slowly worked off the healthcare debts through extra hours at work in recent months.  I paid off my hospital and doctor visits last month, and this month I paid my landlord for the loan that let me get the nearly-$1000 medication (that I only used half of before the doctor told me to stop).

I guess I can finally announce that I'm leaving Animal Humane Society for a job at Dell.  I gave my notice at AHS last week, and Dell was very nice in giving me a month before needing to start the new job.  We need that time at AHS so the remaining IT Staff doesn't have to run the shop alone.  I really hope they have at least 1 new person by then, maybe 2.  I wasn't fully ready to leave AHS yet, and I'll miss working there.  It's hard, though, to focus on data issues when I'm constantly distracted by other things (especially that demanding phone system).

I'll be doing Q/A testing at Dell.  I've haven't had this specific job before, since all of my programming jobs have had me running solo as programmer, tester, and support staff for my systems.  It'll be interesting to focus specifically on the Q/A role.  This particular group needs me for my PowerShell scripting.  I'm looking forward to giving more focus to that platform than I can at my current job.  I don't normally motivate for money, but I'll be earning more than twice my current hourly wage for the work.  My recent financial escapades into debt left me appreciating the value of higher wages.

It'll be nice to not be poor any more.  Now, though, I won't be able to discover firsthand what happens to poor Americans if they don't have health insurance.  I'm sure I can cope without that particular adventure.
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