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Okay, sure, I've never been to a show at First Avenue, and I'd never even heard of Buju Banton before this morning.  Companies that give up the opportunity for profit in order to make an ethical stand, though, they deserve my active support.

Supposedly this singer made one particular song in response to "a man/boy rape case in Jamaica".  I'd be happy to pull the electrical switch that executes any adult who rapes any child (or any other adult, I think), but only after proper trial and conviction.  Vigilante justice is simply not the kind of society that I want to live in.

"Two man a hug up on an’ kiss up on an’ lay down inna bed, hug up on another anna rub dung leg,” Banton sings in Boom Boom Bye. “Send fi di matic an’ di Uzi instead. Shoot di batty boy come if we shot dem."
His lyrics don't seem to be about a pedophile situation, anyway.  He talks about two men, two adults.  It's encouragement to kill fellow citizens.  Seems simple to me.

I used this contact page to send the following message to their Booking coordinator.

Thank you for canceling the Buju Banton show, if that's really what has happened.

My father used to hunt gay men to beat them up with his navy buddies. I don't know if he told me when I was 17 about his past "group sport activity" because he didn't know that I was gay or because he did know. Also, a guy in my college died some 20 years ago when young thugs from a nearby christian community drove to Houston, TX with nail studded baseball bats in their car. They found him and beat him until he died.

Hateful lyrics and hateful speech are personal matters to me. People who care should not support people who hate. Until they can publicly admit their wrong behavior, show them your disapproval by standing silently in opposition to them. Maybe eventually they will see how incredibly wasteful they have been by spending so much of the creative energy of their lives on these unhelpful activities.

Thank you for canceling the Buju Banton show.

Date: 2009-09-11 02:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hmm I have mixed feelings about this.

Yes Dancehall has homophobic lyrics sometimes, as much or sometimes more than rap and hiphop - things tend to be more crudely stated and more along the lines of 'kill the fags' rather than hiphop's calling someone a faggot etc.

But - I have a really BIG suspicion that the people having a go at Buju Banton et al - and Buju is one bad example since unlike a few others who moved on and repented their earlier phobia he seems to have revelled in it - is partly racist, or ignorant of Jamaican music as a whole. Yup Jamaica has serious LGBT issues, but not all Dancehall or Reggae is phobic, in fact a lot isn't.

I'd be a lot happier if people were calling for the cancelling of shows of also white acts who are homophobic - some hardcore punk/nazi punks are so in the white power all seems a bit too white males scared of black males for my liking.

Date: 2009-09-11 06:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I appreciate that you took a stand.


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