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Hope sleepsOn Thursday morning (just 3 days away), I return Hope to the shelter.  She'll have her spay surgery, recover (quickly, for a kitten), and then probably reach the adoption floor on the weekend.  I don't have long to decide whether to adopt her.

Reasons for and against have emotional components, and it's not at all clear which side will win.

  • CUTE!  Hope is watching the cursor move on the screen as I type this sentence.
  • The animal comfort of physical contact.  Hope gives every indication that she'll actually be a "lap cat", unlike T'Reese.  She's already settled onto my lap now, as I near the end of my blog editing session.
  • The relief of ensuring that she doesn't stay in a home where roughhousing is encouraged.  She's prone to biting/kicking (time spent in the wild?).  I've seen what becomes of cats who are indulged as simply being "playful", and I want Hope to avoid that personality.
  • I'd lose any opportunity at Remaking myself, if I commit to another decade+ of time spent responsible feeding another mouth.  That option is "a lot" to give up.  It's my main concern against adopting Hope.
  • Yes, I'd be responsible for feeding another mouth.  I expect economic times ahead to be even worse than now.  I have no idea what to expect long-term from my nerve issues.  Can I keep up with the responsibility?
  • I'd face household warfare as I spend weeks/months negotiating the peace with T'Reese and Hope.  Even now, playful Hope bounds into T'Reese which prompts a very hissy encounter from both.
  • I'd have to maintain a solution (other than declawing) to scratching for the next decade.  Very annoying problem.
Here's a random houseguest of my landlords on the couch.  Everyone is Hope's friend, which is very unlike my scaredy cat T'Reese.

*sigh*  Decisions, decisions.
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