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I went to this years's Pride festival on Saturday, though I'll be skipping all of the "main event" on Sunday. It was interesting to see that marriage was the topic dominating so many minds.  I've written before about the significance of marriage as a legal concept, whether gay or straight. There are multiple groups devoted to the concept here in Minnesota. One group details the 515 ways that government discriminates against gay couples by refusing to recognize their marriages. Another group focuses on getting people to engage in direct communication with other people, the kind of thing that always ends up changing society.

"At [MN]Love, we believe Minnesotans have the power to create real change in the fight for marriage equality. This is why we strive to empower constituents to create change through direct engagement with other Minnesotans."

It's kind of sad, though, to see heterosexuals at gay pride that are more outrageous than the homosexuals.  Like the straight man (with wife and kid in tow) whose shirt read "Straight Breeder For Marriage Equality".  Like the straight woman in bikini top whose painted body read "Straight Girl For Gay Marriage".  There was even an animal spay/neuter group handing out free condoms.  Gay people have gotten very boring in comparison.  The best moment "we" produced was the asian muscletwink in leather collar and chain posing next to the "All Dogs Must Be Leashed" sign by the doggie playground area.  How did we get so dull?  Not that I ever contribute much to that category, I suppose, so who am I to complain?

Back to gay marriage, though.  It's so very fitting that New York state legalized gay marriage on Pride weekend, since they're the ones who gave the world the gay pride movement anyway.  I'm just barely old enough to remember the police in east Texas near the university who would enter the local gay bar as a group of about 4 officers just to intimidate the patrons.  Even so, I was never rounded up and carted off to jail as they used to do in New York.  At least, that's what they did until the dykes and drag queens finally had enough of it and actually fought back, even rolling over the paddy wagon while they were still inside it.  Yay for contempt of abusive authority!

As usual, comedy makes the point about marriage equality much more succinctly than my attempts at persuasive argument can produce.  (Click images twice to view in original size.)

dinosaur logic gay couplesscary gay couple

Whose dinosaur logic will you heed?


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