Sep. 20th, 2011

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Another child dies. I promise to stop harping about it when the children stop dying, okay? I'd rather have these kids in the world than the emotional songs that their absence inspires.

I recently encountered a song that makes the necessity of Allies quite plain.  I've decided that it is today's theme song.

We don't learn the significance of this chorus until the end of the song.

I was young and caught in the crowd.
I didn't know then what I know now.
I was dumb, and I was proud, and I'm sorry.

If I could go back, do it again,
I'd be someone you could call friend.
Please, please, believe that I'm sorry.

Allies in the majority power are necessary for social change. Male allies gave American women the right to vote. White allies gave American blacks their freedom from slavery. Heterosexual allies will be necessary for giving American homosexuals their legal equality. As I wrote back in 2003:

"Decide to become an Ally for the autistic community
(as with GLBT Allies, this title means taking a stand against any form of bullying when you have the chance to defend autistics either in person or in principle, and it means speaking to educate about their concerns when possible)

This 14-year-old kid named Jamey Rodemeyer created his own video on YouTube four months ago as part of the It Gets Better project.  He talked briefly about the bullying that he survived.  His school friends said that the new school year started 3 weeks ago with the same bullying as he experienced before.  He didn't survive it this time, though.  He killed himself yesterday.

Recently, someone asked Michelle Bachmann what she would do to stop the bullying that happens in schools in her own district.  She replied that it is "not a federal issue" (since she is running for federal office).  The trouble, though, is that it's never a matter for government intervention if it's only the right people who die.  That particular contradiction can be found throughout history.  I'll stop complaining about it.  Really.  When the children stop dying.


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