Oct. 22nd, 2012

mellowtigger: (Terry 2010)
I had a logically-complex dream this morning. Well, for a dream it was unusually logical-formal, anyway. I haven't figured out its metaphorical meaning yet.

I think maybe the complexity is due to my weekend spent working on a programming algorithm more complicated than any I've attempted in maybe 20 years. I found that it was proof that my mind is not as agile as it once was. I discovered at work last week that the .NET codebase is unable to handle complex nameserver requests. I spent much of Sunday writing my own Powershell implementation of NSLOOKUP. That protocol is complicated because of the compression algorithm that it uses in replies. Decompression seems to require a self-referential function with multiple parameters passed by both reference and value. I got it partway solved. (I could see 'www.google.com' text assembled! But it went bad immediately afterwards when I tried to access the hash table again.)

On to the dream...

It was set in the realm of the "Lost Girl" tv show. A meeting was called between the light fae and the dark fae. The only character that I recognized was Trick.  A man who seemed to be dark fae was leading the meeting.  The tables and chairs had to be reorganized in the small room to accommodate my (totally unexplained) presence at the meeting.  I ended up alone at the base of a triangle.  It seemed to be dark fae on the left tables, light fae on the right tables, and me at the lone table at the bottom.  The meeting leader stood at the top of the triangle.

The leader was calling for an end to stereotypes.  That's a good thing, right?  Normally, I'd encourage such change, but my dream self doubted his motives.  I spoke up at the meeting.  "What about archetypes?  What about the embodiment of ideals?"

He interrupted me and countered by appealing to human concepts of liberty and he mentioned the freedom inspired by the American Declaration of Independence.  I knew that he was hiding something, because he was using emotional argument to persuade instead of rational argument.

I was preparing to continue.  "You flatter humanity by incorporating their rhetoric, but fae are different.  Human literature uses archetypes to good effect, and human tales of the fae do the same.  It's easy for them to stereotype us because we are expressions of universal forces.  Each of us is unique and responsible for our choices, yes, but our kinds share common qualities.  You seem to be advocating the end of war between us, which is good, but you also seem to be advocating the end of our clans and families.  Are you sure the fae are ready to begin a new life without any boundaries at all?  I suspect that you intend to benefit from the ensuing chaos by offering your own kind of order at an opportune moment.  Are you being honest with us about the effect of this change that you propose?"

... or so I would have said, but T'Reese started pestering me for breakfast food, so the dream ended before I got to speak or hear the reaction.

Maybe this story includes my thoughts about the upcoming election?  I do suspect that Republicans have intentionally dragged the USA through bad times in recent years in an attempt to offer their solution to the problems that they created or worsened, thinking they can shape the resulting chaos to their benefit.  It's an opinion with some justification, but why waste dreamspace on the idea?


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