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I wrote 2.5 years ago that "America needs repair". It still does.

Here is a bridge that I travel over during my commute to work. There are cracks running lengthwise along the entire stretch of concrete sidewalk. Is it bad that rebar is poking out of the crumbling concrete? I think so.
bridge 1bridge 1

Here is a bridge that I travel under. The worst degradation shows up at joints where saltwater (from salted roads in winter) would drain.
bridge 2bridge 2

Coincidentally, LinkedIn is collecting questions to address to President Obama when he joins the website to participate in their discussion thread, "Putting America Back to Work 2011". I assume they'll ask the questions with the highest "Like" approvals. Here is the question that I submitted.

The Civilian Conservation Corp helped America get through the Great Depression by providing job skills, direct paychecks, and new infrastructure. We need all 3 benefits now. Where is today's Corps?
- Terry Walker,

Go vote for it if you'd like to hear an answer from Obama.  Consider some of the other questions in the discussion too.  Many of them are partisan hackery (both left and right are represented), but some of them are actually meaningful questions worthy of a response.


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