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I just had my first dream of 2012, and it was a brand new concept for my dreams.  I think it was influenced by the movie Pandorum that I watched while slumbering on the couch during my recent bout of food poisoning.

I was among the crew of a colony spaceship. We were bound for a cool weather planet, but we were stopping over at a previously colonized "perfect Earth" for restocking some supplies. We arrived during local winter, but it was relatively mild as such things go.

The first colony we encountered was unfortunately (for our resupply needs) following a more primitive culture.  Their appearance was a mixture of both northern and southern european features, I think their language was something akin to Afrikaans, and their society was community focused.  We gave them some crates of fruits that they didn't already have.  Seed stock is very valuable on new colonies, but they didn't really have much to offer in return that we needed. They prepared huts for us to stay through the cold nights. I felt the urge to stay at this colony rather than continue the mission on to our intended destination.

We had to travel overland to a different colony to find more technologically advanced resources.  They were a colony much more Americanized and self-interested. They spoke English like we did, so they were easier to deal with, but they were also less pleasant than the other colony.  At least they had some of the equipment that we wanted.  We didn't spend much time among them.

On our way back to the first village, we passed some fields with fresh "snow" on the ground.  It was more like a salt crust that grew upward from the ground.  It was killing all of the plants that it affected. We were told that this planet had regular snow (falling frozen water), and this salt-snow was something new and unexpected. We stopped to investigate.

We didn't find anyone outside, so I went into a farm house. I was startled when I stumbled across someone inside.

I started to wake up at this point, so details get very fuzzy here.  I think the person I found was an adult male in his 20s or late teens. He dropped into some kind of fugue and started babbling things that didn't make immediate sense to me.

I woke up feeling hunger for the first time in 4 days.  I think the food poisoning is finally gone.  I'm going to try eating solid food today.


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