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It's happening again. Direct reporting is suppressed while police violence ensues.  So far, the best photos and stories come from a New York Times blog article. Colin Moynihan reports about various incidents of police violence, intimidation, and suppression of recording.  You can see where police smashed a guy's head into a window at this video (the video immediately starts very loud).

The best weapon for a peaceful protest is the truth. Document everything that happens. Which brings me to today's theme song.

I'm not a fan of rap music, but this video does a good job of capturing the response of local governments to large Occupy gatherings.

Film the Police. Run a tape for the underclass!
Get the face, name and number on the badge.
They flash, we flash back when they act disorderly.
React accordingly and capture all that we see…
Nightstick, Zip-ties, and Tasers.
Think they’re licensed for type vicious behavior.
Make a tight fist with a video trained toward the Pigs,
Like this. They trip & you make ‘em famous.
Explain to a Judge the bounds you oversteppin’.
2011 time to change our method.
We aim lenses at the State’s weapon,
‘Til they remember whose goddamn streets they’re protecting.

Rapper B. Dolan wrote this song for everyone, not intending it just for Occupiers. Wherever authority is found, someone will abuse that authority. This song is meant to teach people how to keep justice and equality in the equation... which is certainly one of a few core principles behind the Occupation movement. 

Maybe it doesn't go far enough.  Perhaps we need a song reminding us to "Film The Government", now that we know about the existence of secret laws and secret courts.  I believe that the Occupation has only just begun.


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