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I had a dream last night.  It had a social theme, which is unusual.

I had a boyfriend/husband.  It was not a person I recognized from real life.  We lived in a very large "house" that somehow was situated in a massive apartment complex.  Maybe he owned the business, and we lived in one of the buildings ourselves? The dream began around 4:30am (dream time) when he woke up because the first guests were arriving (much too early in the day) at the house.  Apparently we were hosting some sort of social event, and people were arriving from all over the nation.  Naturally, I wasn't thrilled about our territory being turned into a party zone for an army of strangers.  He seemed stressed about it too.

The dream ended uneventfully.  The day was barely getting started, and many more people were still to arrive.  I don't know what brought on this topic for a dream.  I am, though, planning to bicycle to work today, then afterwards I'll bicycle to the Bear Coffee social in Minneapolis.  The coffeehouse building is a residential house.  Perhaps it's related?


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