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I had my first dream of 2013 last night, but there's not much of it.

I was attending college again. I'm not sure where. My "dorm" room was on the ground floor of a hotel. I had two roommates. One of them was a local guy I know, Pat. I didn't recognize the other roommate.  (It was not Pat's husband.) I was trying to sleep, but they were obsessing over the sound of water trickling inside one of the walls. There may have been a leak in a pipe upstairs.

I was trying to recover from stress by hiding in the dorm room, but I finally decided to attend my only class that semester. (Echoes of real life in years past.) It was organic chemistry. In the dream, I recognized the professor as the one who previously taught me chemistry 101 a while back. (In real life, I don't know who she was.) It's the first time I've showed up to class, even though school has been in session for a few weeks already.

Pat goes to class with me, but he's some sort of support staff for me. He stays beside me, trying to help me focus on schoolwork. After lecture, the professor comes over to speak with me, since she didn't recognize me as one of her students. She asks if I think I can "keep up" with the class since I'm starting so late. I tell her that I think I can "hit the ground running".

The dream ends there as both cats begin pestering me for food this morning.

I think maybe school became the topic because I have been worrying lately that I'll never get to act on my plan to return to school for a degree in astrophysics. I was attending part-time many years ago, but college costs have continued skyrocketing. I simply can't afford classes any more as I could back then.

I think Pat showed up because plans for time-management and attention-management bring up lots of old and unpleasant memories. Pat has an adult son on the autistic spectrum, so maybe Pat was there to help me reduce anxiety about all of the extraneous stuff.

That leak in the dorm wall? I have no idea.


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