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I've had a blood clot for the last 3 weeks. That little bugger would explain the increasing pain and swelling.  I couldn't wait any longer, so I stopped at the nearby North Memorial hospital emergency room on my way home from work today.

To fix it, I get to take two different blood thinners for a while. One I get to swallow in pill form, fine. The other I get to inject in my belly twice a day... not nearly fine.  No how. I had them inject the first one for me so I could watch them to learn how it should be done. I got feinty afterwards.

snow.2013-04-18I would make a great opossum. My nervous system tries to shut down at the first sign of trouble. That strategy is a good one if you're opossum, but not so wonderful if you're living the vastly more nuanced and complicated life of a human. I've feinted before during blood draws, and I've gotten close to feinting many times. I'm tactile sensitive and rip tags out of my clothes because I can't tolerate the sensation. I'll have to find the gumption somehow, though. Blood clotting is serious business.  I plan to sit on the bathroom floor to do it.  The cold tile on my legs and cold bathtub on my back will help keep me alert and focused.

(I'm dreading the first injection tomorrow morning.  Ugh.)

While on blood thinners, I will bruise easily. I'm supposed to be very careful to guard against falling down.  To make the situation even more fun, Mother Nature has delivered sleet and snow to us all day today. :/  I'll be skipping work tomorrow so I can avoid the slippery stuff, especially while I'm still stuck on crutches.

For the curious, my prescriptions that I have to get filled tonight are these:
enoxaparin (LOVENOX) 80 mg/0.8 mL SubQ Syringe
warfarin (COUMADIN) 5 mg Oral Tab

I have to stay away from all kinds of over the counter painkillers, including alcohol.  I've been using either whiskey or Nyquil to get to sleep at night this last week.  I'm hoping that the pharmacist tells me that Nyquil is okay to use with these drugs.

Tomorrow, I have to find a clinic with an actual doctor (who can prescribe) that's open on Saturday.  They need to measure my blood serum and adjust the pill dosage to my body.  Either too high or too low a concentration would not serve me well.


Date: 2013-04-19 02:47 am (UTC)
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NyQuil has a significant alcohol content; on that basis alone, they might tell you not to use it. The other component of NyQuil that helps people sleep is the antihistamine; many OTC sleep aids are actually older antihistamines that are very sedating. Instead of paying for a brand name, try the cheapest generic version of diphenhydramine/Benadryl that you can find.


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