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Last night wasn't peaceful, but this morning certainly is. I walked out to my side deck and listened to the church bells and the birds singing for a few minutes.

spaghetti squash (flowering, lower left)The gardens are doing well. I picked my first yellow squash (it was huge), then I stir fried some of it with a jalapeno from the store then added an egg. It wasn't a bad breakfast, but I think next time I'll aim for migas by adding some stale corn chips at the end. Squash grows with huge leaves that would be nice as a landscape item, if only they were perennial plants.

In the back yard
, I'll have plenty of spaghetti squash this year, which is good. You can see it flowering at the bottom of the picture here. It keeps for many months with no effort, so I'll be eating it this winter. I use it in place of anything that normally calls for pasta.

Since the vines are doing well, I also expect at some point to have some Minnesota Midget canteloupe, Blacktail Mountain watermelon, and luffa for dish scrubbing in the kitchen. Slugs nearly destroyed all of my red popcorn by eating long strips from most of their leaves, but some of them recovered and are finally growing again.

In the side yard, the Painted Lady runner beans and the black cumin are very pretty. Those beans could be grown purely as an ornamental vine and do nicely in any yard. I have my first Collier cucumber, and the Shortcake raspberry is starting to fruit after transplanting them from their old garden. They are a dwarf variety that is also thornless, so I'm glad to see them doing well.

runner beans (Painted Lady)black cumincucumber (Collier)raspberry (Shortcake variety, dwarf and thornless)

In the front yard, the dwarf sunflowers are blooming, so they make a nice border to the walkway to my front door. The rose also is showing its first bloom after it nearly died. It had black fungus when I brought it from the store. I dusted it with sulfur, every last leaf dropped off, and I thought I had killed it. It put on a lot of new growth, though, and it's all free from black spots. So I think I'll have a fragrant and pretty front patio in a few more years. It was blooming when I first bought it, a very nice purplish color which the label identified as a "deep lilac" hybrid tea rose named only 'Heirloom'.

dwarf sunflowerrose

I need to repurpose some of my pots soon. I want to get a thriving specimen of both lime basil and peppermint that I can bring indoors to use during winter. I use them in some yummy recipes, and I don't want to give them up throughout the winter. I've also placed the peppermint near the front porch and side deck. I'm hoping they will eventually grow underneath and discourage mammals (and maybe some box elder bugs) from sheltering there.

I always feel better when I'm out gardening, and I'm doing a lot of it this year. I already have enough changes in mind to keep me busy next year too, but I was originally intending to focus on house repairs next year instead. We'll see how it turns out.


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