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How did I miss this when it came out?

A company called Wilkinson Sword specializes in razor products for men and women. Among their products is the Quattro Titanium. Well, they created a whole video game to promote it. You can play it in Flash on their website. I found the controls ineffective but the concept amusing. Baby (with his smooth skin) and Daddy (with his stubble removed by the magically effective new razor) compete for Mommy's attentions during a rumble in the basement using pillows and teddy bears as weapons.

Check out "Fight For Kisses":

Don't skip the intro video. Watch it. Baby-in-training is hilarious.

For some strange reason, this thing makes me think of the old tv show "Bewitched" and the crazy/silly/fun marketing schemes that Darrin and Samantha would have to think up to explain some bizarre situation or other.

p.s.  Now that I do some searching, apparently it was a popular reference on LiveJournal a year ago, before I was really too involved here.  Oh well.  Old news apparently.  :)

I saw it

Date: 2008-09-18 02:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well, given that I love having my beard since I was 20 and have this not-so-mild beard, hairy men fetish, I tend to rather loath razor-blade producing companies. They are a CONSPIRACY against men pilosities! ...but well lol, I took a bunch of valiums and saw the video promo anyway ;o). It's well done, the daddy is kind of cute-faced EVEN without the beard, and the only mean, scary face seems to be the baby's! lol
Thanks for the link my friend! Luis.


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