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Someone has started a post to help everyone find active writers on Dreamwidth. They offer a sample HTML clip that's easy to copy and paste to the thread. Here is my addition to the subscription thread.

Preferred name and/or pronouns:
MellowTigger, Terry, he
What's the story behind your default icon?
I "borrowed" the image from someone on Livejournal, and then Dodecadragon (who has since deleted his Livejournal and Dreamwidth accounts) converted it to Dreamwidth for me.
Favorite Dreamwidth communities, if any:
I hope to find one.
Your dominant identity or identities on Dreamwidth so far:
I write about anything that interests me, so it covers topics from personal to global.
Describe yourself using up to six of your journal tags and/or interests on your profile page:
gardening, astronomy, powershell, autism, giblets, bicycle
Places around Dreamwidth people might know you from:
Not yet, I hope to get more involved.
What do you hope to get out of participating in this meme?
I want to find other active posters.
Anything else you'd like people to know?
Creative free space:
Nope, it's all in my blog.

I admit that I've spent little time at reading on Dreamwidth. I pledge to spend more time here while decreasing my time at google+. Although g+ is nice, it still doesn't promote in-depth conversations about any topics. It's great for sharing headlines, but it's not a good platform for complicated examination of any topic. I hope Dreamwidth will eventually develop full service image hosting, as that impediment is currently my biggest barrier to participation.
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I have lost several hours of work on Dreamwidth posts in recent weeks, all because of accidental clicks of the mouse.  When I get back to this blog post editor, I find that it has eaten all of my work and pulls up an empty draft document.

Can anyone suggest an external program for editing and posting to Dreamwidth?
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Does anyone know how I can get the Dreamwidth editor to automatically save drafts every few minutes?  I just lost more than an hour of editing to a stupid mistake where I navigated off of the webpage.

*dejected sigh*


Sep. 7th, 2011 08:52 am
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[personal profile] loganbeary was about to close his Dreamwidth account because of lack of use.  He seems to have changed his mind at least temporarily.  I still believe that Dreamwidth can become a great blog site, especially when they finally implement file hosting for photographs here.  It should be "soon".  Livejournal released new code recently, so maybe it can get ported here quickly if it's good programming.

I had been using Dreamwidth as my aggregator for lots of feeds, so it seemed like a busy place to me.  Last night, I dropped all of my news feeds and moved them into Thunderbird instead.  Sure enough, Dreamwidth got a lot more quiet.  The front page of my reading list encompasses a whole week's worth of posts from only a few people.  Maybe now I'll do a better job of responding to actual human posts here.

So now I'm on a quest to find active groups and people on Dreamwidth, so we can let each other know where to find new neighbors and activity on this site.  :)  When I've finally accumulated a good collection, I'll be sure to post so other people can join in too.
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The months of July and August have the same number of days.  They are the only two consecutive months to have the same number of days, and there is a story behind this arrangement.  The modern months, you see, are derived from their Roman calendar names.  Romans sometimes named their months after their famous leaders.  July is named after Julius Ceasar, the most famous Roman leader.  The story of August, however, is a little more complicated.

Julius Ceasar was assassinated in 15 March 44 BCE.  He then posthumously adopted his grand-nephew named Octavius.  Octavius took a new name at this point, later became a Roman emperor, and eventually received the additional name of "Augustus" (meaning "the revered one") by the Roman senate.  Augustus earned fame in his own right, but he was saddled with the history and comparisons to Julius Ceasar.  Eventually the Senate agreed to honor Augustus by naming a month after him.  They placed his month immediately after Julius Ceasar's month (because no one can overshadow Julius Ceasar), and by giving him the same number of days (so Augustus is not viewed as less capable than Julius).

This honor came with several consequences.  This month previously had only 30 days in it, for instance.  To boost August to 31 days, the senate had to take one from another month.  Since February was already short at 29 days, they just took another one from it leaving it at 28 days.  Second, that arrangement left July, August, and September all at 31 days.  To "demote" September and avoid a season of long months, they switched around the days in the remaining months of the year.  They left September at 30 days, with alternating 30/31 days for the other months.  Other emperors tried this same grab at calendar immortality.  For a while, April was renamed after Nero, and May was renamed after Claudius.  Their "fame", however, did not last.

So what is the point of today's blog post? 

I want to use the month of August to combat self-aggrandizement.  I was inspired by this article to solicit feedback with criticism of my own blog posts.  Are my posts hard to read, are they too obscure, are they too dense, are they too opinionated, are they too heavy on links?  I've written before that I expect people to correct me on points where I am wrong.  I don't usually go out of my way to invite feedback, though.  After several years, I never participated in that Livejournal meme to solicit questions about the author during a particular month.  Here I am attempting to create a new meme on Dreamwidth, however, that uses the month of August to invite feedback that might help benefit the quality of future posts.  I suggest the name of "Fighting August" with the rich connotations available to that title.

I promise not to argue with the criticism.  :)
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They finally published my request for cross-posting service from Dreamwidth to Google+.  If you have any opinions on the matter (currently the prevailing outlook is negative), go participate in the poll and conversation.


Jul. 28th, 2011 07:16 am
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Good news, Dreamwidth hopes to have photo service by the end of the year!

Bad news, Livejournal is experiencing another DDOS attack.  It doesn't explain the nearly week-long problems they've been having, so I suspect that troublemakers decided to take advantage of pre-existing issues at Livejournal.  What started out as other problems may now be solely the result of DDOS.

Because I couldn't upload images to Livejournal, I tried hosting them at Google+ instead.  It worked, but it wasn't nearly as easy as I'd hoped.  My frustration led me to submit a suggestion for a higher priority on image hosting here at Dreamwidth.  My suggestion was turned down for posting on their feed, but they did kindly respond with an encouraging message about their hoped-for service date.

I also submitted a suggestion for a cross-posting service from Dreamwidth to Google+ accounts.  I haven't heard a reply yet about that one.


Jul. 27th, 2011 09:26 am
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I've officially lost 20 pounds (9 kg) since I started commuting by bicycle this summer. My pants are definitely needing a belt to stay up. I may need to consider a smaller pant size soon. Except for allergies, I think I actually "feel" better in general.

I didn't know, but it's important to rotate tires on bicycles as well as motor vehicles.

Yesterday, I blew a hole in the back wheel's inner tube for no justifiable reason. As I repaired the back wheel on the trail, I gave the tire a thorough inspection since my flats are usually on the front tire. Lo and behold, I had worn so much tread this summer that the inner liner was showing on the back wheel. It was much more worn than the front tire (both pictured here). I've ridden about 585 miles (941 km) this summer, so I guess I should have expected this problem. I've had the same tires for more than a decade, though, so I was accustomed to ignoring the tread.

I rode gently the rest of the way to work. I did the same after work, detouring to the bike shop instead of going directly home. I replaced both tires for a mere US$36.40, significantly less than replacing tires on a motor vehicle.

In unrelated news, Livejournal has been having troubles for many days. Apparently, it's their own trouble rather than another denial of service attack. I was unable to upload my photographs to Livejournal for posting today, so I'm experimenting with using Google+ instead. I'm not keen on consolidating so much usage at Google. I wish Dreamwidth would get its act together and add picture hosting soon.


Jul. 14th, 2011 07:58 am
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I have joined the "Google+" project.  Look me up there as "Terry Walker" if you want to add me.  I don't know how many invites I have available, but I can invite someone if they have a burning desire to try it out themselves.

So far, it appears to be an incomplete Facebook, but without the most annoying aspects of Facebook.  That's a good sign.  A more complete review is available online, but here are some of my first thoughts on a comparison:
  • Advertising: Google+ is blissfully free of advertising at the moment.  That condition will surely change in the future, but I still expect it to be less intrusive than in Facebook.
  • Privacy: Google+ really shines on this point.  In fact, the recent hypocrisy of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made the news as he activated features on his Google+ account that are altogether unavailable on Facebook.  All of your info is still available for google to use behind the scenes, but at least it's not available to the general public.
  • Files: I am able to upload photographs (and videos!) to galleries.  I used my media for the kitten as a test.  You can see the results here.
  • Fan Pages: Google+ has no such ability.  Facebook has some great news feeds maintained by fans who take the time to post on them.  Google+ does not have such pages.  Instead, Google+ offers "Sparks" that are basically RSS feeds of automated web searches (provided by google, of course) on topics that you name.  For instance, instead of a Facebook fan page about the "Spongebob Squarepants" tv show, there is the Google+ spark page that includes anything on the topic that google finds recently added to the web.  I want Google+ to have both.  Fan-created content tends to be more relevant than robot-created content.
  • Group Pages: Google+ has no such ability that I can figure out.  Like fan pages, Facebook also has pages designed for groups to establish their online presence.  Sadly, such pages tend to be accessible only to other Facebook users, so their utility is limited.
  • Hangouts: Instead of traditional instant messaging, Google+ has Hangouts.  These are basically group-based IM videochat rooms.  Essentially, Hangouts can replace external voice/video chatrooms for online gaming groups.  Very nifty feature.  Sadly, though, it appears to work only with other Google+ users.
  • Cross-posting: Because it's so new, I 'm not finding any cross-posting features available at other sites yet.  So when I post here on Dreamwidth, there is no blurb added to my feed on Google+ to announce the post address.  I hope such features will be available soon.
For now, Google+ is just an interesting experiment.  It will, however, become much nicer than Facebook.

Meanwhile, in totally unrelated news, I have unknown allergies clogging up my sinuses this week.  I have a mild infection now that's starting to spread.  I'm taking time off from work to dope up on antihistamines to dry out my sinuses and eliminate the infection.  If it doesn't help today, though, then I'll go to the doctor tomorrow to get some antibiotics to help remove the infection.  Minor temperature, minor annoyance, but it's best to deal with it before it has a chance to grow.
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2011 April 16Bummer. I just discovered that Dreamwidth has no photographs yet, so I had to upload this morning's snapshot back to Livejournal. *disappointed sigh*

Oh well.

We had above-freezing weather for the last 2 weeks, so all of the typical snow piles melted away.  The back yard was totally clear.  This morning, though, we have a slight accumulation.

I was planning to rent a tiller and get to work on the garden this weekend.  It seems rather chilly for that kind of outdoor fun, though.

Also, I'm seriously pondering the paleolithic diet.  I'll need to reconsider my garden for this year, though, if I do switch to it.  I'd have to give up all grains so I wouldn't be able to use my popcorn, corn, rice, and quinoa seeds that have already sprouted in my indoor garden. I could still save the quinoa for the leaves, but I don't remember ever seeing a recipe for cooked food using quinoa leaves.

more setup

Apr. 15th, 2011 04:01 pm
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As I connect with individual blogs and RSS feeds on Dreamwidth, I'll be unFriending the equivalent accounts on Livejournal to reduce the double-reading.  Just a housecleaning measure, not a personal statement.  ;)

In case anyone else is looking for it (it took me a few minutes to find it), this page is where you go to add RSS feeds to your reading list.  Livejournal called it "syndication".

Then their posts appear on your regular reading page.  There are additional urls that let you choose only one kind of blog source or the other. (everything all combined) (only the syndicated feeds) (regular Dreamwidth posts, excluding feeds)

Speak up if you have any interesting communities or feeds to suggest.  :)
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I've said my goodbye to Livejournal.  Time to settle in to the new environment.

Anyone have suggestions for journal style?  :)


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