May. 6th, 2011

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A recent video released by my organization (Animal Humane Society in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota) is making the viral web circuit now.

It was a "pro bono" production from another company, and it's turned out to be a very popular video.  It's already appeared on icanhazcheeseburger (lolcats) and bestweekever.  I recognize some of the places and people involved in the video.  Hopefully it will spread wide enough to influence a few people to adopt. 

Economic times are still tough.  People are still losing homes.  People are still cutting back on spending, including pet care.  Apparently it's gone on long enough for new trends to emerge.  I'm glad to say that my organization is finally involved in low cost spay/neuter surgery.  We're prevented by state law from doing it ourselves, but we're helping Kindest Cut do it for us.  The legal arrangement just confuses me with its convolutions, but I think the simple answer is that they're leasing our space and services (phone, computer, office) for them to run their own private business.  As long as the important work gets done, that's what I care about.


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