Sep. 23rd, 2011

mellowtigger: (Terry 2010)
Last night's dream was very strange.  I don't even know where to begin to interpret it.

I went to visit the doctor.  Maybe for pains in my gut, I can't remember for sure.  The waiting room was crowded.  I wanted a drink of water, but finding a drink involved a lot of hassle.  One of the nurses led me through the building to another waiting room.  Along with the waiting chairs, there were two guys at computer terminals doing data entry.  I also found a large barrel of water with a tap.  I got my drink of water there.

Next to the water was a small vending machine.  It offered toys for children, and it also had some seeds for gardening.  I got the seeds.  A different nurse helped me get a big bag and some dirt for planting the seeds.  This second nurse spent a lot of time talking with me while I gardened in the waiting room, maybe observing me for symptoms.  After the seeds (and some sort of lily that was already sprouted) were planted in the bag, I was a mess and needed to clean up.

I wandered elsewhere to a restroom and washed my hands and arms.  As I came back to the waiting room with the garden bag, I noticed that it was suddenly very busy in here too.  That's when I saw that it was a triage room, with people going to nearby doctor offices to determine if their problem was easy to solve or needed referring to other doctors elsewhere in the large building.

I woke up.  I was laying on my right side (not unusual) and T'Reese was perched up in the air on my left hip (very unusual) waiting for me to feed her.


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