May. 6th, 2015

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I'm not a very happy camper this morning. I've had a sinus infection since Wednesday of last week. I know the cause. I have a blockage in my left, lower sinus. As such things go, it's actually somewhat mild. The burning started in my sinuses and has since spread lightly to ears, throat, and chest. I've been taking plain aspirin the whole time to keep the headache at bay... until I returned to work yesterday.

temp 102.9F (39.4C)Last night, my temperature kept rising for hours and finally reached 102.9F (39.4C). I didn't even know my electric thermometer would flash a dramatic red background color like that. *laugh* It seems like overkill, but I went to the hospital to have them take a look. I was intending for them literally to take a look to see if they could spot that blockage and just pull it out. What a disappointment. They barely peeked in my nose and throat. They were concerned mostly with getting my temperature down. But getting the temperature down just masks the infection! That's what I'd been doing unknowingly all week by taking plain aspirin. It wasn't until Tuesday that I stopped taking aspirin, and that's when my body showed me just how bad was the infection that it's been fighting for the last week.

On the other hand, they ran a urine test and discovered minute traces of blood. They uncovered a possible kidney problem. Okay, so I guess the hospital visit wasn't a waste. They put me on amoxicillin for the infection plus two over-the-counter pain killers to keep the fever in check (instead of using aspirin).

I called this morning, but I couldn't get an appointment with my sinus specialist (who did the sinus surgery in January) until Friday. I couldn't get an appointment with my regular doctor (to start investigating the kidney issue) until Monday. *twiddle impatiently*

I guess it's more naps, plenty of fluids, and saline sinus flushes until I finally get to see a proper doctor.

Update 2015 May 08 Friday: The amoxicillin accomplished nothing useful after 2.5 days, so the ear/nose/throat specialist told me to stop taking it and start taking levofloxacin instead. She saw the bad mucus and suctioned it out of my sinus. Whatever it was, it plugged up her machine, so she had to rinse it to get suction back. I can't tell yet if that was all of the blockage.  She also has me using Nasacort and Afrin, rubbing Bacitracin ointment in my nostrils, and continuing to flush my sinuses with saline.  I'm hoping the infection will finally subside soon.

Update 2015 May 11 Monday:
The followup with my regular doctor this morning showed no blood in my urine, so apparently I don't have to worry about kidney problems after all.  It may have just been a side effect of the infection I had earlier.  I can still feel it a bit in my sinuses, but my temperature is normal and my ears and throat are normal.  I'm on the way to better health again.


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