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Today's choice of theme song is brought to you by recent shenanigans in Texas. I can accept simple dismissal of secessionist rants from other southern states, but I caution everyone to think differently about that mindset in Texas. Of course, the federal executive branch has no authority to release states from the union, so I don't expect anything interesting to come from this petition.  The mere existence of the petition, though, is surely stirring rumblings from like-minded folk in Dixie.

Freeze a yankee!, Drive 75 and freeze 'em alive.
Freeze a yankee! Let your thermostat rise and give 'em a surprise.
Governor Briscoe promised us that if any damn Yankee raised a fuss,
He’d turn off the gas, cut off the oil, and let 'em all freeze and boil.

They don’t want an oil rig around their seashore. Lord, it’s a terrible sight.
And don’t you try to drill in their dirty old water. If you do, you’re in for a fight.
Senator Kennedy told me himself
that he wouldn’t let us drill on the continental shelf.
So, when they tried to get Texans to drill another well
We can tell them all to go to …… Hyannis Port!

Now, President Carter was a good ole boy, a southerner thru and thru.
But when he asked all Americans to sacrifice, he really meant …you know who.
He wants all our oil and our nuclear fuels
What does he take us for? Silly fools?
The President wants us to pass our gas
Now ain't that a kick in the..

Cram them yankees in little bitty cars while we ride around in limousines.
There ain’t nothing in the world any more fun than pumpin’ gas in those big mo'chines.
Us Texans love our Cadillacs,
Big Continentals and Pontiacs
We’re gonna keep all the gas we can make
And let them yankees shiver and shake.

Well, them yankees say they need our oil, and they gotta have gasoline.
But don’t you put no refineries a way up north, they wanna keep their air real clean.
They only got enough lignite to last 'til midnight, not enough fuel to keep their beer real cool.
But we'll send you lots of oil, now don't you fear, if you promise not to move down here.

Freeze A Yankee
Save your Confederate credit cards
The South want to rise again

(Note: southern drawl turns 'want to' into more of a 'wonta' sound.)


About 20 years later, they did a live show and talked about the origin of the song, which is interesting.  The song mocks liberals for wanting energy independence from the middle east.  (America learned something after its long and continuing wars there.)  The song mocks liberals for wanting to keep their shoreline unpolluted.  (America learned something after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.)  In short, the liberals were right about the very things that this song mocks.  I wonder what they'd say about it if they did a live show today.  Even the group's name, "The Folkel Minority", conjures the image of last week's election and the realization that old conservative white guys are a diminishing minority voting bloc that throws a loud tantrum when they don't get their way.

Anyway, "the South want to rise again", regardless of any obstacles imposed by that pesky liberal-biased reality.

Date: 2012-11-14 01:47 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] furr_a_bruin
Texas couldn't make it on its own anymore - but I think California could, and might actually be better off financially since we only get about 80¢ worth of federal services for every dollar we pay in to the national treasury, while Texas gets more. We have lots of top agricultural production, high tech industry, even some petroleum. ;)


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